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Foxit PDF (Foxit Reader) V7.0.4.916 green version Chinese Foxit reader | green version download Foxit PDF (Foxit Reader) The score: 8

  • Software size: 48.6M
  • Software language: Chinese
  • Software type:
  • Software Categories: special software / electronic reading
  • Update: 2015-06-19
  • Software level: 4
  • The official website: Http://
  • Operating environment: WinAll, WinXP
  • Software vendors: Foxit

Software size: 48.6M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

Software label: Foxit PDF browser

Foxit (Reader Foxit Pdf reader ) Is a Free PDF document reader And has the advantages of small volume, fast speed. Professional edition and editing function. Foxit Reader brings a very prominent advantage, function is simple and practical and convenient, greatly enhance the user experience

Foxit Reader function:

1, small and fast, small occupied space, small footprint, starting and running speed!
2, security: the current programming technology to write effective security system, reducing the number of malicious attacks!
3, multimedia support: add pictures, movies, links and attachments to any PDF document.


1, the default is simplified Chinese.
2, using the original icon.
3, XP and windows in 7 under test.
The registry key 4, Foxit and Reader on the Foxit Reader- software will be stored in the No1\ user configuration folder.
5, the theory and the installed version does not affect each other.
6, the default disable automatic updates.
7, optimize the default settings, more convenient to use.
8, can be used to open the way to call the right key in.
9, without any modifications to the original program, guaranteed authentic.

Update log:

2013-11-2 update
Foxit Reader green version of (Chinese) released!

2013-7-1 update
Foxit Reader green version of 6.0.5 (Chinese) released!

2013-4-15 update
Foxit Reader English release!

Software screenshot

Download address

Foxit PDF (Foxit Reader) V7.0.4.916 green version Chinese

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