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The game is introduced

Fifa17 IOS version Is a carefully made to achieve a cross platform game Mobile game The theme of the Mobile Games, football play, game player needs to operate a culture of good players for team game, very interesting. Come and download the fifa17 IOS version of green resource network!

Fifa17 IOS version of the official

Fifa17 IOS is the first in the boxOne platform and the PS4 platform to achieve the same quality performance of the mobile phone games, which rely on the frost 3 Game engine Support, build a true grand scene for the fifa17 IOS version of the game world.

 Fifa17 IOS Download

Fifa17 IOS version of the game features

1. free kicks in, you can control the initial position of the team now, you can also adjust your approach distance and angle,

2. out of a tricky penalty, in an indirect free kick you can Choice The placement of the ball;

3. so that your team can more easily serve in the boundary score assists, can walk freely, and even make fake cheating defensive player, visible in the "FIFA17" in the ball game player will be more interesting.

Usually 4. The football game In the fixed service, free kick, corner kick, etc. in case of very low degree of operation, and in the "FIFA" in the book, you will be able to play more tricks in the ball;

Fifa17 IOS version of the game play

1. can on the market, we always pay attention to convenience Free trade And the players, will not put any of a powerful player.

2. by this App team and always maintain close contact green resource network, arrange team;

3. to control the whole team operation, through the trading of players, players to enhance the hard training team;

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The first building of Guangdong education network users to guests Published: 2017/6/11 17:39:58
The football game can play with people in different countries, there is a map of the world you can choose the area, the game design is very good, the gameplay is great, thanks for sharing

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