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Software introduction

Msactbackup Is a professional Windows and Office Activate the backup and restore tool, you can use it to easily crack Windows and office software, no need to buy the serial number, the full support of the various versions and system, welcome to download the green resources!

Msactbackup save activation

Program will automatically check and identify key (or manually click the refresh button), please specify the correct key if necessary. Click "save activation" button to save the file to activate.

 Msactbackup Chinese version

Msactbackup use

Activation recovery:

Go to "restore the activation tab, click the" restore the activate button, Choice Save active file folder, start the recovery process of activation. If the recovery failed, please try to select the "recovery software protection platform" again after activation.

To restore Windows 8.1 online activation, please according to the following steps:

Disable 1. network connection;

2. select "restore the WPA check box, and then click restore activate button;

3. select Save activation file folder;

The execution of the program, the system will restart, you must wait to start. After the restart, the program will continue to recover. In some cases, recovery will help you select the "activation recovery software protection platform" checkbox.

Msactbackup notes

Kabasiji The anti-virus software in a variety of ways to prevent recovery mode to restore WPA activation "". It will create a branch in the system registry HKLM\SYSTEM "unnecessary KlifTmp54987654". Should remove them, because they will slow down your computer.

In this case, only to completely remove Kabasiji antivirus software to restore online activation.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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