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Calendar life rush ticket software v5.0.1.168 version of the official installation The official download | calendar life Life Calendar software to grab votes The score: 8

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Software introduction

Calendar life A very useful tool for desktop calendar, is The drive of life Extract. In addition to the basic calendar, time management The weather forecast, and other functions, the software also provides the function to grab votes, hosting booking, automatic grab, no need to keep in front of the computer, the release of more time. Quickly download experience!

The calendar life

Life calendar is a fresh, easy life Perpetual calendar Provide, the weather forecast, the Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar calendar and three heavenly stems and Earthly Branches corresponding to the holiday the holiday arrangement, solar term query, query, order Train tickets Such life functions, can help users convenient query information of all kinds of life. The interface design is simple and fresh, free skin, in the details of the design process is very intimate.

Calendar life

The lunar calendar

The lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar and almanac, at a glance, every day, good and bad taboo notes allows you to easily understand, live each day.

Cloud notes notes

The integrated management of notes notes, instant search information management more easily; multi account isolation switch, data with access notes; drag desktop, free, remember what you want, portable; unique password to read your information more safe and thoughtful.

Time housekeeper

You don't have to worry about the time of the housekeeper, miss an important moment, considerate remind you seize every moment.

Weather forecast

Multi city weather custom, automatically update the weather, air index and the next six days the weather, can also provide weather warning for you, so you can easily arrange travel to know if I am cold or warm.

constellation Fortune

Check the horoscope information in real time, today, this week, this month the horoscope is explained in detail to grasp the sports star.

Panic buying train tickets

Booking hosting, the release of their own time, easy to grab votes, go home happily.

The application of box

Management software shortcut icon, click and drag, simple operation, centralized management, application management no longer let you make your desktop more messy, clean and tidy; customize the shortcut key to start the application, so you want to open your application.

Date calculator

Lazy lazy has its own reason, you know!

Streamline model

Streamline pattern is simple and elegant, perfect and desktop integration, date and weather switch, let your desktop wallpaper collocation life perfect.

Common problem

Where can I set upgrade Don't play the warning?
Open the settings - > basic settings, to upgrade check off to remind pop bubbles (as shown below)

 Calendar life

How to enable health assistant?
Open the application box -->> health assistant (as shown below), must enable timing rest to keep only valid oh.

 Download the official calendar life

    Anniversaries of important events How do you use it?
On Memorial Day, memorial in the conversion date of the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar is available, and ignore the year (as shown below)

 Life calendar download

Can remind a few days in advance (as shown below)

 Life Calendar software to grab votes

A birthday or anniversary, or important dates can use the icon to display the Oh, so you can know what day is the day
(as shown below), written content preservation is good.

 Calendar life

Where can customize vacation time?
Open the application - "holiday arrangements, according to the drawing operation (as shown below)

 Download the official calendar life

Time synchronization or inaccurate? How to modify?
In 1, QQ Computer housekeeper Recovery time synchronization service (as shown below) in computer speed up page has a "optimal recording",

 Calendar life rush ticket software download

After opening the "calendar application", click "restore to enable". (other methods of optimization software is the same)

 Calendar life

2, time synchronization, and Internet can synchronize the time (as shown below)

 Download the official calendar life

3, or Choice "Adjust the date / time, then you can manually modify the time and date (as shown below)

 Life calendar download

Update log:

The version of 2013-11-20 1, support the view of history and function of feedback feedback reply
2, correction of weather warning small window can not be closed problem
3, registered users prompt the unknown error correction problem
The 4 part of the text, correction does not support transparent problem
5, the optimization time synchronization settings window function
6, change the skin interface "transparent" guidelines
7, support the display of Thanksgiving calendar life:
1, individual users can not repair the normal operation of the problem
2, the new feedback function
3, the new registered function
4, automatic proofreading time increase prompt

Software screenshot

Download address

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