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Software introduction

Software label: InstallShield

InstallShield 12 Deluxe full version of registry is a leading provider of software for the issuer setup software solutions, to make powerful and reliable Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript and cross platform setup, it is all InstallShield products in the most powerful one, can be interested to green resources network download!

Software introduction

InstallShield? Is the leading global Windows installation development solutions for the purpose of.InstallShield is in the construction of reliable Windows Installer for desktop, server, network and mobile applications (MSI) and InstallScript installation, help the development team to improve agility, flexibility and strengthen cooperation to build the Microsoft App-V.InstallShield is the only virtual package software installation procedures.

 Installshield12 ri

Installshield12 features

The end user Basic MSI project Dialog box theme

InstallShield Best Practices kit to confirm

Support SaaS (S II and SSL 7)

The latest Windows Mobile platform support

Certified for Windows Vista confirmation Kit

InstallScript and One-Click Install Windows Vista installation support

Support digital signature

The availability of IDE is improved

To improve the automation interface

Usage method:

The software into the root directory, you can click on the crack!

Decompression password:

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