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Zend studio

Zend Studio is a professional developer in the use of PHP during the entire development cycle only integrated development environment (IDE), which includes all the necessary components to develop PHP. Through a set of editing, debugging, analysis, and optimization data base Zend tools, Studio accelerate the development cycle, and simplify the application scheme of the complex.

 Zendstudio10 ri

Zend studio10 features

1. rapid code development and configuration of local and remote debugger;

2. database connectivity tools & SQL team environment;

3. PHP 4/PHP 5 PHPDocs/PHP complete handover document processing program to support SFTP, FTP and SSH secure connection more than 100 code snippets;

More than 4.50 samples of database application and Zend Platform combination.

Zend Studio Software

Zend Studio PHP development includes all necessary components, through a set of editing, debugging, analysis, optimization and database tools, using Zend Studio to shorten the development cycle, and simplifies the application scheme of the complex, there is no doubt that it is the integrated development environment of PHP the most powerful in the world.

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