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Kubao telephone network v2.26.00 official version  Kubao telephone network The score: 8

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Software introduction

Cool treasure Telephone network Is a free Internet phone software, provide a variety of modes of communication, telephone, mail and other information support, sending more people to talk, no obstacle, call quality is clear and smooth, very easy to use, need friends, welcome to download the green resources!

Kubao telephone network official website

Kubao phone network is currently the most popular communication software, voice clear and stable, compact and convenient software can use computer / mobile phone, without any plug-ins, safe and practical, 360 Installed the necessary Included software.

Internet phone software kubao function

Many people call

The use of cool treasure Internet phone you can invite in the remote mobile phone users, fixed network users, PC users to participate in the meeting, of course, can also be a family meeting with local family tianlun.

Friendly interface

Open the cool treasure software, you can Choice Automatic login interface design, kubao friendly not only allows you to have a good visual experience, and user-friendly settings allow you to easily call, quickly contact friends!

Mobile phone fixed telephone call

Cool running treasure, automatically enter the call, you can call directly, also can through the call records selected phone number, convenient and quick.

Ultra clear voice call

Whatever your friends in every corner of the world, the use of kubao software, super voice clear conversation, give you absolute real experience, feel a friend on your side.

Many friends group

The default is family, friends and colleagues of a grouping of friends, can be more convenient to manage friends.

Text chat

If the phone friends can not dial, you can select text chat mode, a message for him (her), the other line can receive the message.

Multimedia Download

Fast download speeds, can be HTTP, upcoming streaming media function, can also watch, or just do not, save space, download your choice!

Friends share

Share with your friends your list of music, video resources, entertainment mutual exchange of needed products for you and me!

Search function

A powerful search function, you can choose the station or Internet search, you will need the film and music!


Rich and colorful content of voice magazines, including novels, emotion, entertainment, reading by a professional recording, give you the end Beauty Enjoy listening to.

The player character

Can pop out the player interface, let you find everything fresh and new, absolute fashion experience! So the work of entertainment.

Software screenshot

Download address

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