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Wftpd32 file transfer (Mini FTP server) v2.41 Green Edition Wftpd32.exe download | Wftpd32 file transfer (Mini FTP server) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Wftpd32 FTP server

Wftpd32 Is a simple but interesting server software to users upgrade Provide a powerful auxiliary equipment, allowing users to use more simple, while Xiao Bian also bring you a detailed graphic tutorial, users need to download it fast green resource network!

Wftpd32 software introduction:

WFTPD is a small FTP server software, easy to use FTP SERVER tool to upgrade equipment in peacetime, very useful!!!!! A software is very simple, can provide a basic FTP server function.

Good use of a tool! CISCO IOS upload download very convenient, to upgrade the equipment software version with very good use of FTP and TFTPD32, as well as by.

to ZTE When the router upgrade, some were still good, may be an issue, but this gadget.

Wftpd32 tutorial:

The implementation of wftpd.exe can be activated in FTP service. The main screen as shown below


FTPD tutorial:

1, set up a new FTP account.

The selected menu "Security to Users/rights" to access the user attribute window. The following diagram:




The "New User...", followed by the suggested input user name and password, then successfully added a new user. The following diagram:


Among them:

A, "Home" for user login after virtual root;

B, the "Rights" end user permissions;

C, "Director" for the "*", if you keep the following permissions for this user is the root directory of the entire tree, otherwise only for "Director" in the specified directory function;

D, "Restrict to home..." must be selected, otherwise the user's scope of activities will not be affected by the virtual root restriction.

Below is a "Xixi" user login, select the operation of the screen (DOS):


Below is a "Xixi" user login, the operation of the screen is not selected (DOS):


2, log FTP.

In the DOS environment, the format "FTP computer name, username and password. The following diagram:


In the Windows environment, the format "ftp:// computer", according to the prompt to enter a user name and password. The following diagram:


The Windows environment, you can use this format "ftp:// username @ computer name to login.

All the computer names are available to replace the IP address.

3, allow anonymous users to login. Select menu "Security to General", select "Allow Anonymous". The following diagram:


4, as in the figure above, uncheck the "Enable Security", all users are not required to enter a password.

5, in the menu "View to Connected Users" FTP can view all online users.

Software screenshot

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