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360 security guards 2017 official version of the latest version of v11.4 360 security guards 2017| official download The latest version of the 360 security guards 2017 The score: 8

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Software introduction

360 security guards The latest version of the 2017 360 Security guards The latest version launched in 2017, the best use of the free Anti-virus software One of。 The 2017 version is more powerful, comprehensive optimization upgrade Antivirus, more powerful, perfect to protect the safety of your computer, quickly download experience!

360 security guards 2017 introduction

360 security guards is a Qihoo 360 launched by the company's strong function, good effect, popular security antivirus software. 360 security guards have killing Trojans, clean plug-in, bug fixes, computer examination, computer aid, protection of privacy, computer experts, clean up the garbage, cleaning up the traces of a variety of functions, and the original "Trojan firewall "360 secret disk" and other functions, relying on cloud detection and identification of the first comprehensive, intelligent interception of various types of Trojan horse, protect account, privacy and other important information users. The 360 security guards use extremely convenient and practical, with excellent reputation.

360 security guards 2017 characteristics

"Cleaning" interface: a new streamlined interface design, focusing on computer examination, killing Trojans, computer cleaning, optimizing four core functions, easy, convenient, refreshing;

 360 security guards "Fast": a more comprehensive examination scanning Computer, computer to solve potential problems, and add incremental examination and repair mechanism of intelligence, combined with active defense record, intelligent screening without examination inspection, make examination speed 50%;

 360 security guards official download Cool skin: the skin center provides hundreds of members' skin, skin, you can according to their own personality and preferences you create a personalized, colorful guards;

 The latest version of the 360 security guards 2017

 360 security guards official download 2017

 360 security guards official download version 2017 computer In addition to the core of the three major changes, the old function of some users also continue to retain the love:

Killing Trojans, Trojan horse and repair system integration;

 360 security guards 2017 official download New computer cleaning, a key clean, fast, free and comprehensive cleaning experience, let the computer garbage nowhere to hide;

 360 security guards 2017 Download Optimization of acceleration, a key to accelerate the optimization of all computer, let the computer as fast as lightning;

Function Daquan, practical tools can be personalized Choice Build, guards the main interface belongs to you;

In addition, the new increase speed to accelerate the expansion of our ball ball, you find more small.

360 security guards function 2017

1, the use of 360 - killing Trojan cloud engine, 360 heuristic engine, Avira The local QVM engine, four anti-virus engine.

2, computer examination of computer detailed examination.

3, system repair - repair of common Internet settings, system settings.

4, repair holes for system repair and functional update of high-risk vulnerabilities.

5, - to speed up the boot speed optimization. (depth optimization: hard disk acceleration + Intelligent defrag)

6, computer - clean clean plug-in. Clean up the garbage and clean traces and clean up the registry.

7, software manager -- Safety download software, gadgets.

8, provide dozens of every kind of function Daquan function.

9, computer - computer to solve other problems in clinic.

10 - 360, the entertainment function has strong entertainment function.

Update log

V11.0 update:

1. new interface: a new interface designed flat, compatible with the tablet computer, touch more convenient

2. navigation: navigation switch optimization function convenient, closer to the user

3. function Daquan: increase the functional classification, rapid positioning to use tools

Software screenshot

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