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Win10 chemistry Jinpai cracked version v12.0 of Fillmore "Chemistry Jinpai crack version download | Win10 chemical gold row version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Win10 chemistry Jinpai cracked version is designed for the Chemistry Department of friends to build the chemical formula editing software, PPT and experiment must yo, need friends to download it to the Green Resources Network

Chemistry Jinpai official synopsis

Chemistry is based on a row of gold Word The chemical formula PPT typesetting aided software platform development, mainly for the chemical equation editor, provides a chemical commonly used in isotope input, atomic structure is one type of organic matter, and electronic structure, chemical symbol input, chemical instruments and other useful typesetting function for users to provide a convenient practical computer editing chemical equation the chemistry teacher, very suitable for production Ppt courseware When using.

Word chemical formula editor using method

1, the operation of the software, the software will automatically open a WORD window, and WORD at the bottom of the window input window - chemical gold of a rectangular bar at the row of information input window.

2, enter a formula can be input in the WORD document and the chemical input window in the input.

In the WORD input, convenient, chemical formula to input all uppercase letters, but the school can only identify the common material, unregistered users can only identify the chemical formula 300, registered users can identify the number of 2500!

The input also need to open the Caps Lock in the input window (caps lock switch), the system will automatically enter the English case characters processing. As in the input NA2CO3 input box, and then press the Enter key, the software will automatically convert it to Na2CO3, then output to the WORD document. It saves you the trouble to write switch input size. Input and input English Chinese characters with Caps Lock can switch.

3, in the input of chemical formula and chemical equation, the ion equation, you also do not have to consider the problem on! The software can automatically convert it into what you need.

Such as: KMNO4 input will be converted into KMnO4

The input of S2-+FE2+=FES into S2-+Fe2+=FeS

Enter 2MNO4-+16H++10CL-=2MN2++5CL2^+8H2O into 2MnO4 - +16H++10Cl - =2Mn2++5Cl2 = +8H2O

Skills: (both for the WORD document is applied to the input window):

A, enter a formula when the parentheses can be omitted, for example, enter FE2SO43 after you can get Fe2 (SO4) 3

B, the input of ions can be used to replace the L.

C, can be used instead of \ +


1, chemistry Jinpai is currently the most convenient, the most powerful R & D the earliest and the most user input typesetting tools of chemical articles

2, the chemical can achieve text input. Enter a formula in a state capital input window size, write not, not even on the subscript, are automatically typesetting software! In the WORD document can be automatically written on the size of the chemical recognition input!

3, can realize chemical symbols. The use of software options can easily be chemical graphics, chemical symbol, reaction conditions into a WORD document, insert graphics can also be inserted into the exact location of the mouse!

4, in WORD can be saved to the WORD graphics toolbar, or save to internal material, for later use!

5, of course, the function of far more than these, in addition there are many useful functions, perfect to solve all the problems in your daily input layout, you can visit our website to see the use of skills and presentation! ?

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