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Asked the official version v2.007.0613 iPhone version of apple Mobile Games Asked Mobile Games IOS download | Asked Mobile Games Apple version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

ask the way Mobile Games Apple version Is the apple mobile phone users to provide a ten year epic masterpiece classic role-playing Mobile Games, exquisite images and the bright hero, cool fighting scenes and grand special audio-visual experience, let you feel the infinite charm of the Mobile Games, upgrade The task, emotional extension, Daguai copy, social physique, is the top with fast green resources network download experience!

Asked Mobile Games IOS version introduction

2016 best seller Round Mobile Games! In August 11th Mobile Games asked a new piece of information "return to Zhongzhou" deep calling friends return road! The gun Pobai, willing wufa! Decompression burden, easy tasks, new tasks, new high order copy of the story waiting for you to fight!

Asked the same name Mobile Games by the end of the Tour team effort to build the five elements of Taoist culture as the core gameplay, asked the end of the tour to retain the essence of the unique system Daoxing features, configuration five lines of battle, to create personalized, social system, guard system and other diverse gameplay, with simple brushwork Chinese style Reproduction of the classic version asked.

 Asked Mobile Games Apple version

Asked Mobile Games iPhone version features

1.105 strokes to open full screen

The 105 level cap open late play synchronous update; five order spells to unlock a pick, kill second strange stronger.

2. easy task boot upgrade

See, the tower of Babel etc. plenty of task is simplified, manually turned automatically, reduce the growth experience, Daguai upgrade More easily.

3. experience Daoxing double growth

Keep the classic Wuxing road grade play, dual system, equipment to build, with freedom, reproduction "fighting, remodeling brilliant road north.

4. pet equipment comprehensive evolution

The evolution and evolution of pet equipment double hit, get rid of frequent replacement, to enhance the combat capability, PK has more advantages.

5. 300 game player waiting for a decade

LAN Xian town, Yong day city, North Road, the end of the tour classic reproduction, dreams of a generation of youth. The three hundred million game player recommended, to about ten years.

 Asked Mobile Games IOS version

Highlights of the Game

Unlock five order spells: effects of more than five wool, five order spell grand debut, to more than one second, tearing the screen.

Dozens of new scene map: the world is so big, you should go to see! Beautiful map stunning debut, patrol added new strange adorable pet, where would the point where.

The new pet equipment equipment evolution and evolution: the pet with you for a long time can easily give up, strengthen the dual evolution ability, to upgrade the equipment level and its basic properties, rapid growth of the value of pet direct inheritance.

Repeat the number of tasks: the number of cut dart charge too much, do not waste time, friends! The operation of division, the tower of Babel too much trouble, change, automatic operation! Practice task, global brush is too boring, reduce manual operation! Easy game reward unchanged, the pleasure in which.

The new fire: 90 fire Jian Jian copy copy open, more generous rewards.

The opening of the 105 level cap in the 85 stage: uniting the already for a long time to seek a breakthrough in the way the friends finally have the opportunity to break the shackles, to a pinnacle of life! The main story line open, a variety of supporting play fully struck.

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 Asked the apple version

The game features

To help increase the war, assembly, test biaohang Wanli activities game set a reminder

The new invitation help information management interface, can view the invitation information

The function of automatic reconnect new client server after disconnection

Buy new luanfeng gem alone in the function of matchmaker

The new mid autumn festival activities

The new Teachers'Day activities

The new teachers feedback activities

Some new friends interface function

New friends gift function

90-99 new missions

The new Lich King advanced play

The new pet soul common function

The new online hook system

The new eight dream Cao's brother-in-law task

The new gang help function

Increase the cost of frequent speech channel in the world

To complete the task and get up the master master use the scroll numerical reward etc.

Adjust the brush brush integral integral calculation rules, more than 80 friends from here in the battle will be halved

The calculation rules mumbo-jumbo thunder, Aoki, pet, fire damage, crushed ice

The adjustment of more than 90 practice combat difficulty, cut the monster blood

Adjustment of the 5 order spell playing effect

Update the luxurious wedding music

A series of optimization and BUG repair

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