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Westward Journey Mobile Games Apple mobile phone version of the v1.1.124 version of iPhone. Westward Journey Mobile Games IOS download | Mobile Games Apple mobile phone version of journey to the West The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Journey to the West Mobile Games IOS version Is an apple mobile phone users to create a classic Round Mobile game In China, wind rhyme, fresh picture, light stroke draws the outline of the classic play arena of friendship; Mobile Games Hwan new again, again in a short moment, the arena of pride! Stimulation of smooth cool fast-paced combat, with the probability of surprise play, at any time to enjoy the journey to the West Mobile Games charm and joy!

Game description:

Hu Ge To speak, invite you to play! NetEase super classic round MMORPG "friendship Westward Journey 2 "Bright new reproduction, exquisite picture, wonderful play, but also can make friends! Nice, fun, good friends, as in the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games!

Fighting the devil moves, the new "seven holy world" piece of shocking debut! The large cave dungeon play, new upgrade PVE combat experience. New accessories, equipment package system, collect suit can also activate suit skills, help you make three!

The game features:

DJ PK tour Arena

The palace blood duel, gang war, various PK team play, and friends to swim along the rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes in a short moment, enjoy the endless passion.

Colorful love play

Thirteen years of big classic, hundreds of millions of big game player reputation witness, Fomalhaut, ghosts, kill find Fang, seal the demon tower of Palace of the Earth...... Colorful play, you always have love.

The sixteen protagonist fine picture

Happy life, flying swordsman, fox beauty, offering soul...... One magic fairy ghost 4 race, 16 big fresh high Yan value role, heart Choice . The flagship game screen, the East China Sea fishing village, Chang'an bridge, Temple of hell...... Fallen petals lie in profusion. picturesque.


New equipment: handed down suit topped

The new pet animal: Qinglong gorgeous horse

Smooth cool summer: good fun and easy dating

Hu Ge endorsement: song and enter three counterparts

A new copy of the devil: Awakening raging like a storm

Gang upgrade: passion brother juyee

The new copy: ventilation Huan raging like a storm

Inter service ladder: inter service battle The Legendary Swordsman

Social reality: good fun and easy dating

Update profile:

1. new Tiance:

Tiance line is recorded in the heart of the gods in his talisman, green light and Guangxi clothes, wearing the magic number of Pelosi capsule can be obtained directly without some corresponding effect;

1): evolution policy can be worn 1 Tiance with each one, can directly increase 1-10 points corresponding to the symbols for effect Tiance skills, each character corresponds to only 1 skills tiance;

2) according to the different quality, Tiance break into play, treasure, priceless, priceless quality can be traded, can be decomposed into excess Tiance Fu Gang achievement;

3): Tiance Fu appeared daily during the full activity of the award can be 1. Another Gang copy - wave month hole has dropped;

Upgrade the 2. gang construction:

1) 4 level and above the gang will move to the new gang map. You can open the building and upgrading, to build a gang brothers work. The war office can be upgraded to help fight facilities, use of traps, arrays and other facilities, office of science and technology policy selection skills.

2) new construction accelerated, the gang behind the construction of too many gangs will greatly enhance the speed of construction.

3. new copy - Lord cave ventilation magic array:

Five hundred years ago, Wang Zaixian demon Monkey King ventilation defeat in World War II, the ancient artifact -- Kunlun -- magic array into the mirror universe. The big wheel to heaven Ming disciples scraped, will seal the magic array. Things change, such as hundreds of years. The ventilation Mahatma, then it is ready to...

1) into the ventilation magic array, you heroes need to beat a void spirit, and by turning Mirror The light emitted by the mirror, and connect the 5 main island, let the monkey king appeared;

2) add a new copy of the Huan ventilation suit accessories fall: Liu, Wolong, Wuwei, slaughter, Xian (autumn view details of the game or in a set of official website);

4. new homes over the weekend play - frozen fairyland:

1) opening time: with the "Tianyuan Festival" activities opened Saturday, Sunday all day long;

2) have found the "ERON ice sculpture" home, click on the "ERON ice" can be frozen into the dreamland;

3) in the illusion, just need to find the "Snow Park principal hideout clearance;

4) snow park principal some mysterious prizes in the possession of a "mysterious crystal cabinet", it can go to the depths of dreamland shaoxia;

5. optimization of senior technical skills have both fame and wealth is capped by 20% values, enhance the adjustment of 40%;

6. summon properties list added negative sensitivity ranking;

A 7. increase in the storyline of the eleventh, twelfth chapter of the dubbing, need to download the expansion pack to hear oh;

A 8. increase in the growth figures, summon training, etc. the related achievements of Huan ventilation;

9. acoustic output for 30000 way to modify the Securities Division, sold in Changan City Gong grocer imposed; (activity reward is no longer sound securities);

10. Gang power list in the new wave month hole clearance difficulty ranking.

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