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Fishing Master 2 new version of the v1.2.8 version of Android 2 download the official | Master fishing Fishing Master 2 new version The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Fishing Master 2 games Is a classic Mobile game Fishing Master second works, new play, live on the same stage, Bibi who hand speed faster; and higher multiples of play, dare to challenge, of course, the reward will be more abundant! There are calls, the real prize can win oh!

Fishing Master 2 The official introduction:

Summer, the most pleasant thing in the sea to swim. Now, you only need to move a finger in the "2" fishing Master can easily experience the summer in the marine style, ornamental deep romantic charming scenery, feel the waves into the cool, and the lion fish, lantern fish, chelidonichthys, guppy, moon fish and other colorful fish swim around the lovely, "2" will Master fishing thoroughly washed away your anguish hot.

The new version to unlock 22 achievement, the title of "siren song" card master "will bring you more satisfaction and honor, and 18 new tasks will be fully upgrade Your fishing world. To explore the mysterious paradise of the sea, easily have more joy, now pick up the mobile phone to download the latest "2" Master fishing, enjoy your summer fishing trip!

 2 Master fishing game

The game features 2 Master fishing:

- full support for HD display
- refreshing fishing experience
More natural advantages Beauty Fish swimming
- available Choice The rich fishing grounds, show diverse style of submarine
- the machine gun, shotgun, laser, three kinds of distinctive weapons
- open free to adjust the ratio, and different combinations of various weapons fishing strategy
A new card system, random trigger events and games
- regularly receive free gold, a chance to extract Awards

Fishing Master Raiders 2:

Fishing Master 2 when entering the game will be for users to choose whether the new guidelines, the game will be a step-by-step guide to quickly become familiar with the game, become a new fishing Master. If you are a game player just contact Master fishing game, recommended to choose the familiar game mode. If you are a generation before fishing has been Master "wealthy" fishing Master, directly into the game started hunting is the kingly way.

The fishing ground

"Fishing Master 2" had a total of 4 fishing grounds, currently only open the "colorful coral" and "Dream Blue reef fisheries. The blue sea world, with colorful fish, this is the "colorful coral fishing". In the "2" fishing Master, failed to kill a fish, will make quick dodge the actions to avoid the next attack. The fish have their own gorgeous animation, rather than continue to dull swimming, more dynamic. For each game player, want bullets kill a fish, will become the focus of the people in the future exchange of fishing.

Fishing Master 2 Raiders of the ten artillery consisted of many fishing skills

After entering the "2" and select the Master fishing game fishing, you can officially start the game. The game has 1 initialization level and 3 level, 4 level and 8 level Four artillery attacks on fish. 1 single gun shots, level 3, level 4 blue green and 8 purple spherical shells, each with different range of attack and attack. After a small attempt to upgrade, 2 and 5 respectively to unlock the gun. 2 machine gun gun, laser beam 5 gun also has its own unique attack animation and strong attack effect.

This game set up to ten cannons obviously than before more attractive than the previous generation game player, the effect is more immutable and frozen visual effects. As the level increases, all levels will unlock the gun. And what kind of fish use what kind of gun is more effort, it needs to explore their own game player.

This model is new, in the process of game player game capture fish, will randomly drop different cards. The card will be in the lower left corner of the screen accumulated. Click on the card can trigger card effects, cards can form an erupting volcano volcano in the sea, all across the top of the volcano seckill fish; lucky card game player to shell the opportunity to draw to get rich rewards by layers, but once pumped to the crab, draw will end; if the boomerang card, there will be a catapult on the screen of the boomerang to help game player who is fishing, boomerang fish will all impact into gold, enter the game player in the bag.

If you want a quick upgrade, quickly get gold, then how to do? "Fishing Master 2" launched a magnification system. After using this function, can let the game player get experience and gold will double, 2 to 100 times. Specific experience and device is to adjust the magnification in gold, plus on the right to adjust the level of the shells. When the game player reaches level 20, will get 100 times magnification, imagine that an attack will have tens of thousands of gold income, the excitement of the game will increase rapidly.

The upgrade is " 2" fishing game one of the fun in the game, and each level will be rewarded. In addition to rich gold award, other than online to collect gold cap increase, more able to unlock more powerful shell types and higher magnification. There are more titles is to upgrade the level of the game player according to unlock.

At the bottom of the game screen, will appear in a short time is not reduced. The game is set after the game, when the online time reaches a certain standard, the system will release a bonus. After 5 consecutive days of success to receive the award, will meet the lucky big turntable, then get high reward really need luck

You see more than 2 "fishing" Master introduced a number of a share, for the first time to accept the game with friends, help should be very large. Hope that the user can quickly get started the game, and the final achievement of fishing Master

To update the content:

1.8.12 update
Adding 1. new shells.. Pearl shells, shells can rebound, fishing more joy.
The 2. part repair program errors, optimize the function.

1.8.11 update
The repair may lead to flash back of BUG

The new package, gold more concessions, more relaxed fishing.
2. adjust the resource loading logic, game process more smoothly.
3. optimize the rendering process, the game more power.

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