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IOS version of the v2.6.0 mobile phone camera watermark iPhone official version Apple download | watermark camera IOS version of mobile phone camera watermark The score: 8

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Software introduction

Watermark camera App version of Apple IOS Is a unique photo processing application, it can quickly add photos to every kind of watermark, feelings and experiences recorded, elegant interface template good-looking, rich, interesting gameplay, there is a need of a friend welcome in the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Watermark camera IOS version introduction

Space camera is the first intelligent watermarking watermarking application. Rich templates, innovative gameplay, photo engraved time footprint

Chinese Internet annual "best user experience" common products, tens of millions of users Choice

The first, most the most popular photo Add watermark software

 Watermark camera IOS version

The apple version watermark camera function

Rich templates, innovative gameplay, the "good story" on the photo!

Watermark rich type: features, mood, portrait, weather, location, time, delicacy 7 categories of hundreds of models of watermarking;

New gameplay: Mami big portrait watermark identification, charisma, couples face lets a person, a group of people taking pictures of joy;

Share a key: QQ space, WeChat Friends, Circle of friends Friends, QQ, Tencent micro-blog Other major social networking platform, can be easily shared!

Intelligent watermarking template: weather, location, time, db, altitude Speed, intelligent watermark is automatically added to the picture;

Custom watermark content: to set their own scoring and delicacy Anniversaries of important events Modify the name, location, mood and text editing;

The camera software watermarking features

1. exclusive multiplayer photo new gameplay, let a person's photos of a group of people happy

2. "Mami big watermark, see photo identification of" who is who is female man nouveau riche.

3. charm PK watermark in the photo, and buddy PK who is more beautiful

Matters needing attention

Ordering QQ services can be paid directly by the yellow diamond nobility iTunes account

In order to refund after the entry into force

Update log

Repair flash back problems such as part of the user feedback

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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