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Primary accounting title set Android v1.181101 version Primary accounting title set app download | Primary accounting title set The score: 8

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Software introduction

Primary accounting title set app is your exam learning necessary for a test artifact, software has a large number of real theme, is the calendar year accounting examination had questions, this software contains the simulation test function, let you use, as well as professional instructors recorded classical teaching video, make you more faster and more effective learning method, can improve the accuracy of your exam answer Oh, a friend in need to download and use it soon!

Primary accounting title set the official introduction of the application

Can you think of more important questions such as the application, meet the needs of your pro forma.

Offline can also brush, flexible use of spare time.

 Primary accounting title set app Download

Primary accounting questions Jian version of Android application features

1, Q & a Book

Selected books Q & A, week update, "easy" counseling book faq.

2, practice a day

Each subject every day there will be a test run essence, let you Many a little make a mickle. improve their performance, imperceptibly.

3, update reminders

Timely access to courseware upload update schedule.

Primary accounting title set mobile phone version highlights

The application of a selection of 9000 multi primary accounting The title examination Questions.

Including the following contents:

Primary accounting practice!

Basic economic law!

From 2014 to 2018 over the junior accountant exam!

More than 10 sets of exam sprint and strengthening practice papers!

Is a good assistant to you and by accounting primary title examination!

Primary accounting title set software features

1, to provide "with practice, the chapter exercises, review, test, test error simulation title charge, knowledge base, expert analysis and other functions.

2, covering finance, construction, medical, legal, accounting and other sectors of the occupation qualification examination training exam.

3, through the analysis of the test sites and questions over the years of use Big data Prediction test key.

4, through the exam exercises, to dynamically adjust the learning content, to achieve efficient personalized learning.

5. The evaluation of real-time ability, prediction score.

6, practical intimate features: carry wrong topic and study notes.

7, review the research essential artifact, carefully brush topic can pass.

8, experts explain, one of the heart function

To update the content

Repair of part of the problem, constantly updating the item.

Developer: Sichuan Meijia Chen Mdt InfoTech Ltd

Software screenshot

Download address

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