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The Royal war apple v2.1.0 iPhone official version Tribal conflict Royal war IOS download | The apple version of the Royal war The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Tribal conflict The Royal war IOS version Is a very popular card Mobile Games strategy And the game is not only the integration of the various roles of tribal conflicts, and added many new roles yo, love friends quickly download it to Green Resources Network

Tribal conflict in the Royal war IOS version of the game features

In more than one arena for the summit.

The formation of the tribe, share cards, to create their own battle circle

With your tribe members and friends to a personal duel

Watch the best matchup in the TV Royale, learning a variety of tactics

Real time challenges from all over the world to win their trophy game player.

To win the treasure to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade The existing card

Destroy enemy towers and win the crown, the crown winning epic chest

Build and upgrade your card collection, including "Clash Royale" and dozens of members of the royal family from the "tribal conflict" forces, spells and defense facilities

Carefully designed Ultimate Fighting deck your opponent.

How many kinds of treasure in the game?

 Tribal conflict Royal war IOS version

The magic box -- the war victory, unlock 12 hours. The magic box in possession of a large number of awards, as well as the epic card!

The giant box -- the game store can be obtained through the purchase, possession of most of the giant chest is ordinary card and card, to upgrade your existing card group best ~ although the probability is low, but you may still have to win the war to get through the giant chest oh.

Super magic treasure chest circles as Mack daddy, super magic chest in the possession of a large number of gold, precious stones and cards. Super magic chest is particularly fierce, it is most likely to drop the legendary card oh. You can win the battle through to get super magic box, can also be obtained through the game in the store to buy.

In the tribal conflict: the Royal war, there are many different types of chest, the details are as follows:

Free chest -- wooden boxes, once every 4 hours, please remember: the wood chest can remain two up to receive a free end, only after a treasure chest, the timer will open.

Treasure every 24 hours -- crown crown chest will appear, as long as you get the 10 crown through the battle can get a free chest crown. The last time you have not had time to receive the treasure can be retained, but only two remain. Only for a box under a crown, crown will open chest timing.

The silver box -- the war victory, unlock 3 hours. The chest in the possession of gold and silver card.

The golden casket -- after winning the war, unlock 8 hours. Golden casket in possession of more than gold and silver treasure card. Please remember to unlock the golden casket before going to bed, so you wake up you can open the golden casket, harvest card.

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