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Computer expert MemEmpty v1.21 Build memory release green version 0223 Memory experts | Download Computer memory expert MemEmpty The score: 8

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Software introduction

Computer memory expert memempty CPU is a computer software system to clean up memory, can clean up useless residual process, release as much memory as possible, let the computer run more smoothly, the need to welcome friends to download experience green resources network!

The official introduction

Memory experts can effectively release the application failed to timely release the memory resources at run time, and provide to the need to use a lot of memory program. It will not increase the burden on the system when the memory is released, to ensure the system running smoothly. (recommended timed release will not set the time interval is too small.

Deallocator expert characteristics

1. a small size, will not take you too much computer memory tool

2. a truly filled small volume, functional tool

 Memempty client

Download the 3.Memempty version of running speed, and cleaning is very comprehensive

4. no adware, you can rest assured that use

Update log:

1) fixed occupation handle is not immediately clean BUG.
2) fixed sometimes set startup unsuccessful problem

Software screenshot

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