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Nine young Travel Journey to the West apple v2.0.25 iPhone jailbreak The young journey to the West IOS nine tour | version download Nine tour young apple version of journey to the West The score: 8

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The game is introduced

The young monkey IOS Nine Tour edition Is the journey theme card game king, the game uses a vertical version of the intimate design, whenever and wherever possible a finger you can experience here, young Sun Wukong, young, young, young monk Buddha Baigujing more than 300 Howard the Duck, will become heavy partners to reshape the west game player, fresh and beautiful style, the 1348 scene of the original painting, perfect world, come to green resources to download, do not feel like the world!

Game Description

The journey card "the young king" journey to the west ", [] with Hao Li, all incoming! The first piece of information [a] August invites you to the faeries, fighting south gate, open the new era refreshing battle! Login: 100000 gold free; God: Sun Wukong / erlangshen / Devil 7 days free magic;: Dinghaishenzhen / deified dog / palm leaf fan /7 days send annual fine Mobile Games capricious; [400 million] game player expectations, 96 authoritative game media joint recommendation, refreshing clearance battle, cool magic, fresh and beautiful style, lively chat barrage... You can not miss the annual explosion!

The game features

The ultimate quality of [US] very close!

[scene] original dynamic scroll type: Xian cloud layers open, temple looming... God super line producer, 200 top artist cordial 1348 portraits scene, one can wallpaper, thousands of miles west road, a beautiful scenery!

Diverse gameplay, teen spirit [] stop refreshing!

The industry recognized the most rich play Mobile Games card ! 69 innovative gameplay, two weeks to update a new version. Break off, fighting weapon, seize the treasure... With a tower hall, foot jiuchongtian, and your teen spirit!

[God] handle odd magic battle with heaven and earth!

Rich [cool] driving pleasure, [] magic combo. Dinghaishenzhen, exquisite pagoda, nine tooth a, purple hyacinth... Hundreds of pieces of magic [] journey perfectly round your dream journey, chizha!

Will ogle Mobile Games, host level details [quality]!

The real bones and skin [technical], dynamic characters to fine hair, combat action frame optimization: anger will laugh to ogle stereo cards. Gorgeous skill effects, the shock of the attack effect, West Fenghua, young warriors!

Super [welfare] hitherto unknown!

The new service [100000] log tired send ingot; the first week of super God: Sun Wukong, Erlang, he let you choose! The strongest Magic: Dinghaishenzhen, deified dog, palm leaf fan 7 days free...... Do not spend money, still play a refreshing!

Grab the red tide barrage, [] new social explosion!

The first implementation of [chat] barrage card Mobile Games: chat, brush, grab a red envelope, make complaints about the barrage, equal to anything! 000 chat hi to burst, the West never alone.

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