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IOS TT v3.7.27 iPhone version of the Three Kingdoms youth version The young kingdoms Apple TT download | The young IOS TT version of the Three Kingdoms The score: 8

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The young Kingdoms Apple TT version Is a three as the background to create mobile phone card game, card game to break through the traditional plane style, stereoscopic movement, elaborate hundreds of generals for your collection, dozens of play we experience, there are the characteristics of the battle pet and wings make you more beautiful, green resources come to download, set up your own team, continue to grow, the battle of the world!

juvenile Romance of the Three Kingdoms TT version of IOS

"The young Kingdoms" is a super cool fighting punch technology, is the main stereo Mobile Games card To break the traditional card. Play the characters in the most direct way, the generals Fit Usually, with smooth batter effects enjoy "popping" war game pleasure. Everyone is given a 16 year old face, to abandon the traditional three intrigues and heroes twilight, but show every three characters in the life the most brilliant side, let you stay in the juvenile cool Hyun blood feelings. The unique personality of the generals dubbing, dynamic scenes that take you through the true to life, very touching the times! "The young Kingdoms" tear down the walls between the producers and the game player, the development and operation of personnel will be face to face in the first game player, and will be open to all aspects of game to game player together we do together, we together! Play the game, this is your time!

 The young IOS TT version of the Three Kingdoms

The young kingdoms Apple TT version features

In the "Three Kingdoms" in youth:

In the three times

With the blood of youth is.

Enjoy the light knife is Xuanying

Remember, young and fearless

Fantasy is the charge into the enemy ranks.

Achievement, is your time!

Common problem

What is the" Strengthen the master "?

In the lower left corner of the figure, an icon will appear, click can be opened to "strengthen the master interface, divided into" strengthening equipment "and" refining equipment "," strengthen the treasure "and" treasure refining "4, enhanced according to system requirements, can get additional extra attributes.

What is the dress?

"A collection of the same name of the Three Kingdoms" in juvenile equipment (weapons, armor, helmets, belts), can activate the suit property, there are additional bonuses.

What is the quality of the equipment?

"The young Kingdoms" in the quality of the equipment from low to high into the blue, purple, green and orange. The higher the quality, increase the property more, look more cool.

Why would I control skills on the failure of some enemies sometimes?

Because the skill itself also has a probability problem, and some enemies with resistance control effect of skills.

How to get military equipment?

Copy of falling debris, debris or chest extraction equipment, synthesis in store, the store to buy God arena.

What is the "punch" skills?

"The young Kingdoms" part of purple above your generals have skills, needs and specific generals with battle to be activated. After activation, skills more damage, the effect even more dazzling.

How to replace his generals?

"The young Kingdoms" in the "lineup" interface, the generals figure lower right corner of a "change" button, then click Choice To battle the generals. Unable to replace the protagonist oh.

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The first floor Liaoning Shenyang Shenyang Construction University guest users Published: 2016/9/12 17:57:33
Fun, Meng Meng style is my love of the game the biggest reason

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