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The free version of the Android v1.0.6 fan fiction Free download app | fan fiction Free fan fiction The score: 8

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Software introduction

Is the fan free novel technology developed a mobile application, app contains a large number of novels, and every day in the unceasing renewal, application of classification is complete the user can easily find you want to read the novel, but also from time to time the introduction of the topic to help users quickly find themselves want to read novels, novels for lovers is a very good novel, like green resource network to download it!

The application of free fan fiction

The application of all the books are all free, I asked you not surprise surprise, not happy? Are you still got the wrong word, full Internet chapter full of TXT? Are you still chasing a novel to save? Are you still read the first few chapters found back to pay a lot to tell mother sell? Are you still worried about traffic this month and do not carry the end of the month? Are you looking for a background color and not still when reading a novel flash blind font sigh? Are you like me, always looking for a support walk after the life of the novel? This is what you have been looking for the book the road to chase more bright, including connotation, martial arts, fantasy fantasy, urban romance, martial arts Xian Xia, youth campus, crossing overhead, suspense thriller, Tanbi With many other types of novels. " Optional day in mind "," the name of the people "," Ode to joy "," master "," Chu "," Joe, "San Hui hand" full-time "," A sky "...... All included. God the author I eat tomatoes, tricky, Ergen, Chen Dong, Tiancan Potato Tang Jiasan, Su Xiaonuan, Tong Hua...... Are you the flop.

 Fan free application download Novels

Fans free novel features

[free] not to engage in a monthly membership fee, that set, reading without any charges

[experience] intimate layout delicate, adaptive brightness, minimalist, personalized background color, to see how comfortable

[] easy to find books Search for books and precise matching list to find books in hot pursuit Popular fiction The classification, direct love for books

[] offline cache cache after the first reading, the provincial traffic is not afraid of breaking

Fan Free novel app advantage

[cool] find books: Big data Generate charts tell you the hottest current novel, high-quality algorithm to give you the most accurate search results

[chase] cool book: serial novel update quick step, the first time to push updates

[cool]: flip flip mode simulation can be smooth, smooth and natural to flash blind, no card screen does not flash back

[cool] Reading: background color eye comfort, namely the use of strange posture for a long time, no see binocular impulse

[cool] hands: automatic reading hands free, if you want to watch the novel doing some strange things

[bel cool]: but still enough to worry about traffic of energy-saving party, all the cache is really suitable for offline reading

New features

1. [new] new brightness adjustment function

[2.] new new sliding delete interface function

[3.] APP boot speed optimization optimization

[4.] repair repair known B UG

Developer: hisafumi Technology

Software screenshot

Download address

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