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The game is introduced

Compote The legend of Shabak Apple version Mobile phone is a large network game derived from a "legend". The dragon sword, the old classic marfa mainland thousands of people on the same screen more visible before the eyes, ultra high rate, a variety of features such as waiting for you, come to war with his brothers shabak !

 The legendary Apple compote shabake version

The game is introduced:

Nicky Wu endorsement, Grand game Produced a genuine legend Mobile Games "legend" double version of summer shabake strikes, Beauty live Marry, double, to make money, this is the explosive loaded legend! The 1.76 edition of the classic heritage, Dragon Sword classic setting, thousands of people on the same screen hot siege, super high rate play make life, smooth cool red evil mode, engraved feelings copy task, mobile phone confusion cohesion legend 15 years feelings. More "legend" spokesman Nicky Wu at the Santo, from time to time to walk with the district service welfare, play and make thousands of war! Attack sand beauty live, record every legendary footprints!

The game features:

The characteristics of a hero: blood, passion PK everywhere

Features two: see not necessarily true, property and equipment hidden surprise

Three characteristics: Ancient fantasy of blood and fire intertwined, man and beast for the world

Four features: the only magic to reproduce the human rights disputes, fight war again

Game background:

自大雪山崩塌已经过了数百年,神龙帝国始终被茫茫大雪所掩盖.回归帝国家园的梦想,在无数次探寻失败后,变得越来越渺茫.人类不得不独自面对雪山之外的世界,凭借着顽强的毅力,在玛法大陆艰难生存.历经数代,文明更替,新的王国终于唤发生机.比奇城的建立,让人类有了自己领地.盟重省的开发,让冒险者能踏足更多未知的领域.而沙巴克,作为人类最为重要的军事要塞,在建成后就一直默默守护着这片土地的安宁.玛法历184年,位于南方贫瘠之地的兽人大举来袭,同时也带来了灾难与毁灭.玛法的勇士集结沙巴克,拼死一战,然而面对力量数倍于自身的兽人,沙巴克终究沦陷.只此一役,无数英雄殒身,人类无力再战.紧接着,盟重省火烧三夜,绿洲城池,尽数被毁,兽人大军兵临比奇城下.玛法大陆一直流传着三龙卫的传说故事,而传说总能在生死存亡之际创造奇迹.隐居在赤月森林的战神,法神 Inside, led the day the door of the disciples, to rescue, beach not down. This war with the orcs retreat ended, but this does not mean the human victory. No one knows, the orcs did not give up the occupation of beach plan, they always to human beings. Look at fiercely as a tiger does this short and flat behind, contains a huge the crisis, the destruction of the shadow at any time will be enveloped the fragility of the country after.15 years, Sanlong Wei once disappeared, some people say that they died on the battlefield, some people say they returned to the Dragon Empire, but who do not know. Once the city of Shabak, did not stop the orc's footsteps, but this is the last man the bottom line and hope. Shabak has never stopped the war be triggered at any moment, reconstruction, high expectations of the new generation of Shabak's ability to call the marfa warriors, written in blood fighting on the battlefield once a new legend.

Update log:

1. [map] new field added new map of the sanctuary, the Dragon Ridge, magic dragon 3 domain of high grade field map, and a large number of elite monsters;

2. [Boss] New World Magic Dragon field map, 90 boss dragon debut;

3. [] through a new copy of shabake temple, is divided into 10 levels, each level will have to occupy the guild members mirror shabake keep off, every week the first clearance will have a large number of awards;

[4.] guild guild new game map open call BOSS play, every president can summon the dragon, white tiger, rose Finch, a guild of boss in xuanwu;

[5.] to open a new high Jiexin wings wings -- the wing;

6. new holes] [Demonsoul 80 new, 85 hole Demonsoul mosaic;

7. [new world level] new world class, behind the server world class game player will get upgrade Speed bonus;

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