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Software introduction

Software label: Security dog

Security dog Cloud Center Is a simple website security protection software can also intelligent real-time protection viruses, my users to create a more secure Internet environment, users need to download it fast green resource network!

Secure cloud center software dog:

Safety dog cloud center set server security management and site safety management on the whole, realize the remote on-line real-time monitoring function. Users only need to install the client computer in the center of the cloud security dog, dog and installation of security software, both with the server, security status can be real-time understanding of server and website, and real-time alarm information security software dog will all the way through the alarm messages pushed to the client, so you do not need to log on to the server, you can easily master the safety status and the website server.

 Security dog cloud Center

The function of client security dog cloud center:

Remote login

Through the center of the cloud client can facilitate remote login to the server, and can save the settings for the login information

Restart the server and restart the service key

Remote convenient restart the server or restart key services, quickly solve problems.

Resource monitoring server

No login server can obtain the real-time information server CPU, memory, hard disk, network traffic usage etc.

Server status monitoring

Provide server status monitoring including Ping monitoring, FTP monitoring, SMTP monitoring, UDP monitoring, TCP monitoring and DNS monitoring, and help you to understand the server status

Using the system software requirements:

The basic configuration: CPU Pentium II processor and above

Disk space >100MB

The memory of >256MB

The recommended configuration: CPU Pentium III processor and above

The memory of >512MB

Disk space >1G

Operation environment: Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server Windows, 2003 Server, 2008 Server Windows

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