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Children's mathematical games mobile phone version of v1.1.1 Android version Children's math game download | Mobile phone game version of children's mathematics The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Child mathematical games Is a specially designed for children to build children's education Mobile game , Project Phoenix The main role, our lovely way through the game, let the children learn mathematical knowledge, learn basic addition, is conducive to the cultivation of thinking and computing ability of children, need friends to download it quickly!

The game is introduced

Children's educational game is based on a primary school mathematics PEP The content of simulation of student learning in the classroom Educational games And through the Chinese mathematics English character, art, science Subjects such as learning, can inspire children's imagination, Memory And creativity. Recommend parents to accompany their children to play the game, giving guidance and education in the course of the game, because it is a little difficult some questions oh!!!

 Children's mathematical games

The characteristics of children's mathematical game

1. fine Beauty Picture with vivid animation, let your baby is happy.

2. and let the digital quantity of children's mathematical cognition is no longer boring.

3. not only at home, in the outdoors , can let the baby learn mathematics whenever and wherever possible on any occasion.

4. for the children after the growth of foundation, let the teacher worry, parents worry.

The official introduction

We focus on the enlightenment, rather than education.

We focus on inspiration, not just learning.

We focus on the cultivation of ability, not just a single cognitive.

We focus on entertaining, rather than cramming teaching.

Developer: Guangzhou feilan Mdt InfoTech Ltd

Mobile Games.

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