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Software introduction

pure QQ IP data base Is a direct access to the IP address of the software included the network brand IP address, updated free access, no error IP address batch access to convenient, welcome to download the green resources!

Pure qqip database

The pure version of the IP address database is the current network address, the most accurate and most authoritative IP records and Internet data up to the IP address of the database. The collection includes China Telecom, China Mobile The latest, accurate IP address data China Unicom, Railcom, the Great Wall broadband ISP. Through our concerted efforts to build an unknown data, no error data QQ IP. The IP database is updated once every 5 days, regularly updated with the latest IP database!

Because the IP address data is collected folk, and IP addresses will change frequently, so a bit omissions, mistakes are inevitable. Can be supplied with the database software (IP.EXE) to query the IP address. If the IP address is found wrong, or to submit a new IP address, please provide the pure IP Secretary IP address data, or landing a pure space forum "Computer plate" in the "IP address" section tells us. Or join the pure QQ portal, QQ will be able to report directly to the IP data error, in order to update the IP database. Thank you!


Collect the latest accurate IP address data including China Telecom, China Netcom, the Great Wall broadband, broadband, Juyou broadband isp. Most of the data including Internet cafes. I hope that through our concerted efforts to build an unknown data, no error data QQ ip.

Usage method

The QQWry.Dat file is copied to the IP QQ directory, covering the original IP database file (different display IP QQ database file name is not the same, should be replaced according to their corresponding name). Close QQ, restart. Can upgrade QQ IP database.

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The first floor Jiangsu Yangzhou Yangzhou Polytechnic Institute guest users Published: 2014/8/25 21:30:12
Very good, very convenient to query ip!

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