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Search film artifact p2psearcher v6.4.8 green pure version of a single file Search film artifact official download | Search film artifact p2psearcher The score: 8

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Software introduction

Search film artifact P2psearcher Is a very powerful super search artifact, using search piece artifact P2P can easily search for movies, novels, pictures and other seed file, and then use the Emule perhaps Thunder Download, very convenient!

The characteristics of P2psearcher:

Seed search artifact
The most abundant resources in search results. Intelligent scheduling of accurate positioning, to find the resources immediately. The results support in filtering, multi resource search results to facilitate screening.

Online on-demand cloud
The integration of multiple cloud seeding engine, search results preview, direct broadcast. Remove the gun version, Huluva. On the most stable seed search artifact.

Pure green
Pure green software, used to extract, do not write the registry, no plug-ins without advertising. Please collect the official website, in order to avoid the false version download third party package had caused unnecessary losses.

Search film artifact P2P function introduction:

Permanent free, free to use

Powerful, super search

A key search, fast download

Green safe, non-toxic non plug

This product is green products Security software Never with any computer user can damage the plug or virus, please rest assured that the use of.

P2psearcher update log:

P2psearcher (seed search artifact) 6.4.8

1. optimization of local cloud player, support the address and upload seeds on demand, support drag

2. NEW Encyclopedia of television Channel integration, popular TV drama

P2P seed search artifact V6.2 update [2013-12-16]:
1. new independent cloud player, optional cloud broadcast channel
2. cloud player support direct input video link and open play seed
3. search results support the sort by name and number of resources

P2psearcher 6.1.2 2013.10.22
1. repair p2psearcher cannot be opened in win8.1 problem
Through the failure repair of p2psearcher in Win XP 2.

P2PSearcher6.1 updates
1. new P2P network block penetration function, blocked environment also can use P2PSearcher
2. optimization of on-demand cloud stability

Software screenshot

Download address

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The 12 floor Jiangsu, Zhenjiang telecom users guests Published: 2015/6/4 18:50:09
And wow GA which is easy to use

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Eleventh, Zhejiang (Shengzhou) Shaoxing Unicom users guests Published: 2015/4/11 9:54:10

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The tenth floor of the Guangxi entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau (the general branch) the guests Published: 2015/3/30 22:26:40

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Ninth, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2015/2/3 22:48:42
Oh, good!

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Eighth, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2015/1/22 16:21:22

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Seventh, Liaoning Tieling Telecom ADSL users guests Published: 2015/1/21 19:04:46
Well! ~

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Sixth, Guangdong Zhaoqing Unicom users guests Published: 2014/12/25 19:06:04

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The 5 floor Guangdong, Shenzhen telecom users guests Published: 2014/12/9 21:45:38

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The 4 floor Jiangsu Lianyungang Huaihai Institute of Techology guest users Published: 2014/12/8 19:29:41
What was the suck, try this piece of search artifact, a variety of seeds

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The third floor of the Shandong telecom users guests Published: 2014/12/1 12:08:38
What was the suck, try this piece of search artifact, all kinds of seeds are

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