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Micro channel QQ small batch registration machine V1.0 free edition WeChat small Fillmore download | WeChat QQ small batch registration machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

WeChat QQ trumpet Batch registration machine Is a compact and practical function of the WeChat QQ account registration tool, a WeChat QQ account to support rapid registration, does not require a long waiting process and complex operation procedures, the number of registered accounts only need to click on the wicked, "one click Register" button, the interface is simple, functional and practical, welcome to download experience.

Software description:

WeChat s register is a simple to use the WeChat tools, can help the user generated and registered WeChat account quickly in a short time and QQ account, simple operation, only the number of input registered account, the software will automatically complete the account registration work, and also can guide them in the form of text.

 WeChat small Fillmore Download

The software function:

Support random Chinese Name nickname registration

Support for generating random numbers and letters string nickname registration

Support the randomly generated QQ password can also be used to specify a password to register

Green Resources Network free to download and use, high efficiency, easy to use

The agreement registered QQ account, rather than simply fill out the form simulation

Effective support batch inspection of registered QQ account

The registration protocol can use third-party payment identification code

The use of ADSL for IP can filter today has used IP

The software features:

The software supports the default 10 dial, each registered a dial

Connect the automatic coding platform, high efficiency and convenient use

Registered WeChat QQ account, replacing the manual registration of trouble

The default is automatically saved in the same directory

Update log:

Optimal operation speed

Bug fixes

WeChat small registered machine has the features of small size, practical function, as is the use of easy language programming, easy to anti-virus software will add false positives, this software trust can be used normally, decompression password www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

Download address

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