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Kingdee cloud home version of apple v8.7.0 iPhone version of the official Cloud house IOS download | Kingdee cloud home version of apple The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: The home of the clouds

The cloud home version of IOS Is the official launch of a mobile Kingdee Office software Together, Enterprise mail list Speech, meetings, attendance attendance, business CRM and other practical functions, need friends to remember Green Resources Network Download yo!

The official introduction

Kingdee cloud home products, free mobile office platform supports multi terminal. IDC research shows that Kingdee cloud home in China Mobile Office market ranked first. Cloud home help companies / departments and the team to break the geographical restrictions, to improve the efficiency of communication and collaboration, in a leading position in the fields of professional degree, large and medium-sized enterprises, market ranking etc..

Mail list: enterprise / organization at a glance, you can also add business partners.


1. sign: a variety of sign in precise positioning; intelligent management and attendance, Statistics Working hours, late or early leave etc..

2.CRM: support field, customer management, customer visits, shop inspection etc.. The precise management of data, real-time sharing visiting records, real-time connection to external partners.

3. news: support single chat and group chat message; read unread view, but also a key to the task; @ important matters to the people, but also SMS notification.

4.: a second voice conference initiated multiplayer voice conference, sound far beyond the traditional telephone conference, support for hundreds of people online at the same time, free and efficient.

5. documents: mobile phone computer automatic synchronization, large capacity, permanent preservation. The depth of integration of WPS mobile phone terminal, support for editing and sharing play.

6. application center provides task, leave, examination and approval, Work log The application, notice, notice of the meeting, voting, questionnaire and other rich; the open API, can be connected to the existing business enterprise (ERP).

The new version of the highlights

1. application tag "official application" "cloud certification" label, the official application and the third party application

[2.CRM] new clues member function, may be concerned about the distribution of clues to follow

The 3. sign scope administrators can set up employee check attendance statistics

4. management team of new cloud home door-to-door service appointment (only administrator)

5. inter circle team may have been alerted

6. message forwarding with support

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