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Red Legend Almighty auxiliary tool V1.0 free version Red Legend download | Almighty assistant Reds legend universal tool The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Reds legend Almighty assistant Is a specialized red. Play Home game AIDS, mainly to provide convenient for the game player game auxiliary function, such as daily tasks, each competitive, fast and convenient, there is a need to download!

Software introduction

Reds legend Almighty auxiliary scripting tool, this is a name for Webpage Game tool launched Red Legend, auxiliary game player can simulate the operation, automatic background daily, the main line, a copy of the task and a series of game operation. The game also provides auxiliary propaganda function, hang up the function field. Need to download game player now use!

Function introduction

Daily tasks, escort beauty.

Single copy, copy.

Individual sports field, hang up.

A key line, automatic loudspeaker.

Operations Guide

Any script function changes, all points to save the settings, and then start to take effect.

The computer screen must remain steady state.

The computer system needs to be set into a smooth font (see step tutorial).

Starting method: click the start button, and then move the mouse to the game window to go inside.

Starting method two: move the mouse to the game, then press start at boot hotkey.

All the script functions are executed in sequence from top to bottom, from left to right, the task will be interspersed with them


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