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Jire v3.1.7 official version of the Android mobile phone version of the novel Jire novel app free download | Jire novel mobile phone edition The score: 8

  • Software size: 8.7M
  • Software language: Chinese
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software Categories: free software / news reading
  • Update: 2018-09-23
  • Software level: 5
  • The official website: Http://www.qirexiaoshuo.com/
  • Operating environment: Android
  • Software vendors:

Software size: 8.7M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

Software label: Jire novel Novel app

extremely hot Free novel app Is a feature rich mobile phone PageByPage The novel, massive free resources as you choose, the hottest new novels updated in real time, chasing the book more worry. Interested friends welcome in the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Jire novel mobile phone version introduction

To the heart of a piece of pure land, see the world and poetic life products.

Jire free collection of fantasy novels, urban romance, fantasy, Xian Xia martial arts, youth campus, crossing overhead, suspense thriller, Tanbi People, official power and supernatural fiction The workplace Inspirational mass original novel resources, which found that, from the shortage of books to say goodbye!

The leading free novel development team, we will update weekly and on-line book, please pay attention to our more boutique books.

 Jire novel app

Jire novel app features

1, sign to send VIP artifact free genuine real reading novels!

2, a key for offline reading, save your mobile phone traffic to enjoy seamless reading.

3, the massive built-in bookstore, select Popular fiction Selected topics, and bid farewell to the shortage of books, mobile phone reading software!

4, the original reading experience, automatic reading, automatic page lets you fun to read, easy to swim the sea.

5, all the novels all licensed, fine school layout, farewell garbled typo, enjoy reading time.

Update log

1, the new version of the recommended page experience better;

2, the optimization problem of the splash screen reading page;

3, repair APP known B UG .

Developer: Chenzhou Xiao Seven Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

Download address

Jire v3.1.7 official version of the Android mobile phone version of the novel

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First, Hunan Chenzhou Unicom users guests Published: 2017/5/26 22:06:11
A lot of novel resources, most recently in ghost chuideng series, the recent television series ghost blows to attract me, want to see its series of Novels

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