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Our faceu iPad version of the v4.8.6 Apple IOS version  Our version of iPad faceu The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Faceu Photo app

Faceu IPad version Is produced by an adorable face Sticker camera The software, the software can also shoot Short video App provides a dynamic, massive material stickers, have Face recognition There is a strong function of positioning, filter effects, minute build Meng Meng Da you support, share a key to the social circle, interested friends welcome to download green resources!

Faceu IOS version introduction

The Faceu property of the main adorable textures of the two dimension, the more popular a sailor suit and rabbit ears, Arale hats and two dimensional decoration, the decoration and facial features fit high headdress, stickers and upper body clothing, and have a certain theme, you can complete the editors do not need to be adjusted (in fact now Faceu does not support the user to adjust the stickers and props), not too many barriers to play.

Faceu through real-time face tracking technology, let you in the process of shooting time to add map props. WYSIWYG gameplay greatly reduces the user specific photos and video effects production cost.

 Our version of iPad faceu

Faceu iPad version features

[beauty filters] you have found our camera self timer, supernatural beauty effect, love of self

[dynamic] sticker cat whiskers, blush, rabbit ears move up, move hit ordinary to shake. Automatic face recognition sticker in your face, instantly make you Meng Da

Meet [friends] like each other, can chat, attention to look at the face, help you to meet our Ta

Share a key [] can readily take photos, share a key to the Ta, after 10 seconds will disappear in this world will send screenshots remind yo. Promise not to kill Ta

To update the content

[new] - low light shooting function, click on the small moon when it was dark, a noise and overexposure problem fix

Software screenshot

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