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A P NetEase blog traces v1.46 Green Edition  A P blog traces for NetEase The score: 8

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Software introduction

A P NetEase Blog Mark device Smart is a specially designed for the NetEase to create blog browsing tools, rapid increase of web browsing, intelligent assessment reply function. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

A P blog software introduction traces of NetEase

阿P网易博客留痕器的功能自动踩网易博客首页推荐日志(留痕),并自动评论.输入网易博客用户名、密码,单击"确定并开始"按钮,阿P网易博客留痕器自动为您登录网易博客,自动寻找网易博客官方首最新日志网址并自动、挨个访问之,从而在官方推荐的日志页留下您的访问痕迹.官方推荐的日志,被人看到的机会非常大,您留下了访问痕迹,被别人回踩的可能性也就非常大.可设置间隔多少秒踩下一篇可踩的日志.请注意,此间隔不要设置过小,否则造成留痕失败!建议设置为5或更大.一共有多少篇日志可踩以及程序自动踩到第几个了,在程序主界面都有详细提示.踩过一轮,自动重新启动本软件,自动重新采集网易博客首页日志并踩之.特别说明所导入账号必须为网易账号,且该账号必须已经开通了网易博客.推荐使用单独的电脑运行本程序,减少第三方软件对本程序的干扰.软件对用户导入的 Do not judge the validity of the account, please check for users to import themselves into account is available, to ensure the normal traces. Tests found as a frequent account login, NetEase will be a period of time on the limit. Recommend the use of multiple accounts on the wheel, don't use a single account. The software provides free, full the use of software function, operation process will be some "random access specified by the author, the author has the power to continue to improve the software, we inform you that, please forgive me. If you do not agree, do not use this software. A P blog traces v1.46 NetEase updated version: the removal of no real significance of the automatic message function.

 A p blog traces 1.46 NetEase

A P blog is the use of traces of NetEase

Set other parameters

How many can be set on the log switch automatically in case of NetEase account account banned. How many seconds interval can be set on a log.

Other instructions

The total number of log step and program which automatically stepped on the account, there are detailed tips in the main program interface.

On a wheel, the software automatically restart, automatic re acquisition NetEase blog page log and on the.

Import account

Set the account file TXT. The file extension must be TXT, one per line account, ended with a hard return. The user name and password to a separate semiangle. Such as:

Import comments

Set the comment TXT file. The file extension must be TXT, each for a comment, ended with a hard return. Such as: welcome to visit, there are surprises! Welcome to my blog blogger stepped back, understand the specific information of our products!

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

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