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The official website of the latest version of quicktime7.8 Pro registration machine QuickTime registration code download | Quicktime7.8 Pro ri The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: QuickTime

QuickTime 7.8 Pro register QuickTime is designed to provide the powerful media player registered users by software. This software can easily access the software registration code, which allows users to use more convenient, interested friends do not miss Oh! Come to download experience!

 QuickTime registration code download

Usage method:

1, Download decompression, first double-click the file to install the program;

2, the software needs to run the vista\win7 above, or can not properly installed;

3, successful installation;

4, open the software, find your preferences in the edit menu, Choice You can open the registration registration window.

5, enter the registration information can be successfully activated QuickTime professional edition.

User name:

The registration code: 6DFC-TLN3-APEC-9GCF-8AW5

In addition, the 6 package also comes with a QuickTime registered machine, the user can own the generated code.

Software introduction:

Click the Generate operating instructions generate serial number, and think we should just lose a username.

The registration methods: open the program editing Preferences > > > register

(1) QuickTime 7.6 Professional Edition

For registration: iNFERNO

Agency: (Note: here can be free to fill in blank or optional)

Registration number: KPLX-QUPY-QUNU6-DV57-ZUHJ

(2) registered to: BetaMaster

The registration code: TNKE-S7GT-3H2F-VP2Q-SP33end

(3): core Mafia to register

Registration number: DFXY-5TJN-HU3N-DQXF-WDQ3

(4) QuickTime7.1 Professional Edition (more can be used for 7 Professional Edition):

For registration: Yang Liming

Registration number: FP26-YSPM-ULQZ-WFE6-96HY

The serial number is QuickTime7.0 and 7.1 professional edition of genuine serial number

Apple the official launch of the New Movie Trailer: Click To Watch

To solve the boot QuickTime icon in the system tray:

Open the program editing Preferences > = > = > QuickTime > advanced set in front of the small hook can be removed


QuickTime is a multimedia technology has powerful built-in media player, it lets you watch Internet video, with every kind of file format HD movie trailers and personal media works, it can make you appreciate the content to the unusually high quality.

QuickTime is not only a media player, and is a complete framework for multimedia creation, production and distribution, can be used for a variety of media, and provide end-to-end support for this process: including real-time capture media, programmatically synthetic media, import and export of existing media, and editing and production, compression, distribution, and user playback and other aspects.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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