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WinPcap (network packet capture tool) v4.1.3 official version WinPcap 64 download | WinPcap (network packet capture tool) The score: 8

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WinPcap win10 Is a network Capture tool Using this software, users can quickly access the public network information system, support each transplant function, convenient for programmers to write procedures, welcome to download the green resources!

WinPcap official introduction

WinPcap (Windows packet capture) is the windows platform for a free, public network access system. WinPcap development of this project is to provide access to the underlying network capabilities for Win32 applications. It is used in the windows system under the direct network programming.


The function of WinPcap software

1, network scanning

2, network monitoring

3, network and protocol analysis

4, traffic generators

Bridge Road and route 5, user level

6, network intrusion detection system (NIDS)

7, communication log

8, security tools

Drive function

1. on the network to send the original packet;

2. before the packet to the application, in accordance with the custom rules will be some special data packet filtering;

3. of the original packet capture, including in a shared network on the host to send / between the reception and exchange of data packets;

4. collect in network communication process Statistics Information.

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