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Jwgkvsq.vmx Zhuanshagongju v1.1.0.7 version of the green free  Jwgkvsq.vmx Zhuanshagongju The score: 8

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Software introduction

Jwgkvsq.vmx Zhuanshagongju is a specialized jwgkvsq.vmx software to create the harm of virus killing tools, computers will be the virus software caused the death card, slow response, users can use this software to optimize the computer virus killing, killing the virus, users need to download it fast green resource network!

Jwgkvsq.vm hazard:

U disk is an easy poisoning of things, jwgkvsq.vmx is a U disk virus, each will generate hidden in the inserted U disk under the RECYCLER folder and autorun.inf, the virus actually does not have what harm, but still have to clean up reassuring, below FixDownadup, this is a jwgkvsq.vmx Virus Zhuanshagongju U disk virus, retrieval and processing of super efficient.

 The jwgkvsq.vmx software designed to kill

Usage method:

After the open, click on the I accept, and then click start to run, remember to plug in the U disk and then run the software.

Jwgkvsq.vmx virus:

The root directory of 1.U creates a antorun.inf and a RECYCLER folder, the virus was placed in I:RECYCLERS-5-3-42-2819952290-8240758988-879315005-3665jwgkvsq.vmx

2.autorun.inf and RECYCLER can be removed manually, but re plug U disk, and found that autorun.inf and RECYCLER folder

Terms of settlement:

1. close all programs; turn off system restore;

Just download the FixDownadup.exe 2;

3. restart the computer; then perform FixDownadup.exe to ensure complete removal of the virus;

4. installation of Microsoft security patches (KB958644)

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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