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Sina DNF bursts of treasure v8.6.3 latest official version DNF official download | treasure Sina DNF bursts of treasure The score: 8

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Game label: DNF box Dnf

Sina DNF Treasure Is designed for " DungeonFighter "Create a double bursts of aids. The software is based on Simple box In addition, bursts of production, double function, also provides automatic propaganda, game player rankings, game speed and other functions, is a good helper to play DNF. Quickly download experience!

The DNF box

DNF box is a new version of Dungeon Fighter Online simple box elaborate fire tools. The new interface is more energetic and more cool. DNF also increased the function list, double DNF synchronization and DNF automatic propaganda tool, more humane. The use of this tool can achieve continuous attacks by fixed attack button can effect.

DNF options

Double synchronous

The most stable game player selection of DNF double tool! Synchronous brush map, to enhance the efficiency of 100%!

Multi key bursts

A DNF tool is DNF brush map, PK necessary, DNF even the program lets you made the move faster, more awesome damage!

Automatic message

Repeated propaganda, support multi sentence circulation propaganda, merchants must stall

Game player ranking

National costume DNF fighting game player ranking. +20 artifact, 000 of Master do this.

The speed of the game

Today you encounter six words? To try DNF box with speed game function!

Gifts received

Do not regularly open DNF package, convertible Black Diamond coupons reward

DNF how to treasure a key facelift?

The first step, open the DNF box, and select a button to start the game, change function.

The next step in the game is open, click on the DNF box a key facelift in [] the refresh button.

The third step, you can see the game role of equipment, click [save] program, there will be a window.

The fourth step, set the shortcut keys, for example, Ctrl+1 ah, F1 ah, Ctrl+Alt+1 ah, can see ah, you use the habit, then set up, press [OK], the program will be saved

The fifth step, to remember the hook on the replacement of the program, press the shortcut key in the game, you can push up.

Update log

V8.6.2 update:

1. shelf game trading function

2. delete Sina treasure tag

3. upgrade DNF simulator


Download address

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