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Love pat master v6.8 latest official version Take the master | official download Love master pat The score: 8

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Software introduction

Take the master Is the love making multifunctional original launch Video production software Support, video screen, fast video recording, immediately on the recorded video in the series, you can add music, dubbing, video clips, add subtitles, comes with a variety of special effects, the production of personalized video. Quickly download experience!

Take the master

Take the master is a simple and easy to use, powerful video creation software, integrated screen / game / video camera, video editing, dubbing music, effects processing, photo, hand-painted Graffiti GIF, derived emoticons and a variety of other advanced features, and is compatible with all screen video game, game player, the majority of Internet users to share best wonderful tools.

 Take the master

Take the master function

One Video Post

Professional grade video filters, simple text effects, scene, border effects instantly make your work out of the ordinary.

2. quick clip

Fool the footage, and quickly merge the material, let your creativity easily.

3. senior titles

Senior caption is exquisite, gorgeous special effects, make your work more cool, more elegant!

4. dynamic text effects

Rich text effects, dynamic dialogue effects, make your video more vivid and gorgeous.

5. speed (speed up)

Free video clips from space variable playback, quick release to slow down step to go by like the wind, like.

6. voice music

Powerful microphone dubbing and multi track remixes, multi piece of music makes you free insert works full of sound and colour.

I took 7. Xiu Xiu

I support the real-time recording film Xiu Xiu singing and dancing performances, but also can eliminate the original voice, synchronized lyrics display, show the best of you.

8. Ultra HD video

Take the master can greatly improve the video clarity, Ultra HD video recording function in the original SD, HD video based on.

Photo 9.

Multi picture playback with fine coherence Beauty Text effects and beautiful music, as long as there are creative, wonderful pictures.

More than 10. export format

From various video formats, iPhone, PSP proprietary format portable, more support is derived for the GIF animation, easy to have a cool signature!

11. hand-painted graffiti

The new comic doodle function, supports a variety of brushes, spray, fluorescent pen, free painter, enjoy freedom.

 The master took the official download

 Love master pat

Take the master skill

Using the method of secret beat master screen video

The first step: open the film master, click [take] button to log on to the game screen video interface. When recording can be set, ordinary users recorded video is 450P, can be opened after VIP upgrade 720P super clear.

The second step: [beat] game login interface, we will see [] shooting expert panel preview box. There is a video, exciting moment, symbol of preservation, screenshots, shooting mode switching function button in the preview box, and a shooting mode [area], [] mode and [full screen mode Pip ] three different modes.

The third step: in the region [mode], you can pull the red box to adjust the size of the desktop area to record the mouse into the box, right angle on the red bar box and then click the left mouse button drag to move the red block position.

The fourth step: Choice Love to open the recording mode, recording the game, click [Video] to start recording, if you do not want to affect the game picture effect can choose [mode] Mini switch. After recording click [save] to enter the video creation interface, add subtitles, commentary, filter effects to the video, posted on the Internet to share with friends.

XP system to take the master recording settings tutorial

Take the master can not only record the voice of the game, also can record the voice of the microphone (requires a computer with a microphone).

A set is divided into two parts, respectively is set up and computer software settings.

Two.XP system is to rely on the sound recording sound system set in the "stereo mix" function to achieve the following method to open this function:

Double click the computer "volume 1"

2. in the pop-up Dialog box Click "Settings" attribute selection,

3. in the pop-up frame of the mixer to choose "input" or click "recording"

4. then check whether there is a "stereo mix" this option, if not the words of your sound card does not have this function, it will not be able to record sound, please check if there can be no tick, the hook

Three, for no 1. "stereo mix" option to the user, may be Sound card driver Older, you can download Mydrivers The software update under the sound card driver, and then restart the computer, and then open to see if there is no "stereo mix" option, or if not is your sound card does not support this function, only when editing the add music

Integrated sound card temporarily only support 2.XP system, independent sound card is not supported, so the use of independent sound card users are not to sound recording, please pay special attention to 3.; and a VIA integrated sound card are temporarily unable to support, so is the VIA card users please add music.

Software screenshot

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