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Love dance ol music v1.6.0627 version of the official website of Android. Love dance music download | little ol Ol little love dance music The users score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Mobile Games label: Love dance ol Dance game

Love dance ol The little music platform Is a mobile phone game if you love music and dance. QQ Dancer, then this Mobile game Is also for you, it is the integration of social, fashion, sports, leisure and other elements Mobile Games dance Cool pictures, is fun, here Xiaobian share is a little music version of love dance ol, welcome to download.

The little music love dance ol

"Love dance OL" "dream reunion", a dance troupe sent strong onslaught!

Dance strength gathered against Square dance Aunt;

 Love dance ol little music download

The new list is struck, the distinguished honor;

Aries falls, love dance show new interface;

Add Madden song, dance and spring style!

Love dance little music ol version features

[a variety of models, love dance fingertips! ]

A variety of innovative gameplay: Based on the characteristics of mobile phone touch screen, carefully creating a variety of music and dance -- love dance mode, bubble model, classic mode, buzz mode. Different operation mode according to your preferences; integration of social elements, innovation of the 2 social play - dance team mode, the heart model, invited Ta and you dance! Whether you are the music and dance Master or novice rookie, whether you want to listen to music or dancing competition leisure, here you can find your fingertips dance experience.

[Mass dress amazing protagonist is you! ]

The core technology of Unity3D, 3D is better than PC game character costumes, 360 degrees hassle figures show, 17 can be decorative parts, more than 3000 pieces of clothes! Touch fingertips, Lolita wind or strong woman fan, small fresh or nightclubs, affectionate prince or cool to give you a trendsetter, all out! Five more dynamic light effects, gorgeous flying wings, cute adorable pet companion, amazing protagonist blossoms!

[free interactive dancing finger touching love! ]

The game innovation opening scene, bring new social experience. "Star love magic" to help you find the right person in the vast sea; "the space tower" in full view of beautiful scene, and Ta were riding on a carousel, under the trees whisper Kiss, buried under the "time of egg" about time to reach; down on one knee and Ta into the "sweet Palace", a the more time you cross century wedding! Invite buddies together to witness the happiness of the covenant, listen to you in love to dance in the world meet, acquaintance, love, until the little romantic love story!

Model skills

The most important music dance game play, "love" in the dance OL are well built for a variety of touch screen music play, love dance mode, bubble play modes can not only make contact to emerge in an endless stream, the new game easy to use, but also for the dance master have high challenge. In the love dance OL game is divided into two modes, two modes have different characteristics and play. Here Xiaobian introduce is one: love dance mode. What are the characteristics of this model? What are the skills of playing this mode?

Love dance is divided into 2 modes, mode of love dance and rhythmic patterns! The next love dance mode, difficulty is divided into simple, common, difficult! How much is the fraction of the number of P even see, not out of high scores! Do not enter the novice novice can directly play misunderstanding difficult, Choice Slow song, the left thumb to point in front of the circle, the right thumb OK is perfect (point P) [new article]

Choose a slow song, difficult, for P feeling! More practise practise a slow song! The key to practice a slow song is to find even the feeling! Is not even p! Keep practicing a song on the line! When you are a slow song to P or only 1,2 you out for other slow songs play that you will soon be able to use, from the novice title! Here to explain a circle inside write (*2) that is 2 points under the meaning of! To master: the so-called master is close from novices, because the technology come up! Some boring to play better, answer

The first protective film slide: sometimes, because hand is too dry, don't have to change a protective film! To wash hands, or touch his nose a little oil!

Second: a point P, point P fast songs should not be nervous! In fact, sometimes you lose P not because you can't come but you too fast! Early p!

Article three: about the cursor blink when you blink when you want to feel! In fact, the P still don't blame the server! You have to adapt yourself to the server, the server is not to adapt to you, just like you want to adapt to the society!

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