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Baidu guard official v4.1.0.6328 stable version of _ Baidu security guards Security guards Baidu official website to download | Baidu guards The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Baidu guards

The IT giant, following the 360 security guards , Jinshan guards , Tencent computer housekeeper After Baidu officially entered the desktop security management software.

Simple and reliable from the new experience Baidu guards Light, fast, intelligent, net! Baidu guards is a Baidu Inc produced simple new trusted system software tools, a collection of computer speed, system cleaning, killing the Trojan and software management function, to provide lightweight, fast, smart, pure product experience for users. Baidu guards solemn promise: permanent free, do not harass users, the user does not stress, not peeping user privacy!

The guards the main interface:

Computer health state and 4 service system! Baidu guards using real-time updates of health status, after opening can immediately show the health state of computer. If your computer is not an ideal situation, Baidu guards will display your computer as "sub-health", and inform you that your project needs to be optimized. Click the "one click optimization", you can quickly optimize all projects, make your computer to health! You can also accelerate computer system cleaning, Trojan killing and software management of the four services accurately the computer optimization problem.

Four functions:

Computer acceleration by disabling or delay enable boot to boot speed effect, while improving the speed mode provided by high-speed mode and optional computer running speed.
The system can carry out a full range of cleaning to clean up garbage and computer traces, and provide automatic cleaning function, keep your computer clean and tidy.
Trojan horse provides "lightning cloud killing", "copy" and "custom killing three killing mode, meet your individual needs. Software management software for your selection of quality, and ensure the safety and reliability of all software! Software management is a set of software download and installation, upgrade Intelligent management tools and software uninstall in one.
Baidu Cloud Security plan to bring a full range of protection when the suspected virus program exists in user computer program, or suspicious behavior of suspected virus, and Baidu cloud query the program file sample does not exist on the server, in order to make better use of cloud Baidu guards data base To serve you, we hope you will join the "Baidu cloud security plan". Baidu guards in the user agrees to join to the Baidu cloud query server sends the file fingerprint to query file security level.

How Baidu guards killing the virus?

Baidu guards software "lightning cloud killing", "copy" and "custom killing three kinds of virus killing mode, you can Choice You need the mode of killing the virus.
"The key location of the program in your computer system and file lightning cloud killing" scanning Killing, fast light.
Overall killing of scanned killing all your files in the computer system, a comprehensive safety.
Custom killing killing your specified computer location, convenient and flexible.
Q: how to deal with the discovery of the virus?
The virus will bring immeasurable loss for you, we recommend that you immediately remove. If you think the newspaper is normal virus of your files or programs, which do you think Baidu guards have false positives, please select the "trust" operation. We also sincerely please feedback through the false information platform will upload, this will help us to continuously improve our products.
Q: stubborn virus clearance can not afford to do?
For some stubborn virus, need to clear after restarting the computer, we recommend that you immediately restart the computer.

Installation tutorial:

The installation is very simple, if you don't need to change the installation directory, click Install Now is good.

Low configuration computer can also use Baidu guards lightweight program, as long as your computer with the following configuration, can run smoothly.
More than CPU:1.4G
Memory: 512M
Hard disk: 500M above the disk space available
Network: more than 56 Kbps
Operating system: Windows XP / Windows 7 (32) compatible with mainstream software compatible with mainstream software Baidu guards.

Software screenshot

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