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CPU-Z software is the latest version of the v1.8.6.0 PC free installation CPU-Z Chinese | download version of the official The latest version of CPU-Z software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Cpu-Z CPU detection

CPU-Z Chinese green version Is a free installation of version CPU detection software, support 64 and 32 can be detected with the hardware information, provide relevant information and comprehensive report cpu! CPU Z Chinese version is very easy to use! Love is to download the network using green resources!

Software introduction:

CPU-Z is a CPU detection software known to every family, in addition to test software using Intel or AMD, we usually use the maximum number of such software on it. It supports the comprehensive CPU type, the software start-up and testing speed is very fast. In addition, the relevant information it can detect the motherboard and memory, which we have used the dual channel memory detection function. Of course, for identifying CPU we best use original software.

 CPU-Z Chinese version

The background of cpu-z:

CPU-Z Chinese version is a free hardware information detection software, it has the advantages of small volume, simple interface, can be installed without the accurate detection of the CPU, motherboard, memory, video card, SPD and other hardware information. Windows 32bit and 64bit 10 compatible.

The function of cpu-z:

1, provide the CPU related information report overall, including the name, processor manufacturers, Clock Multimedia instruction supported by the core frequency, voltage detection, CPU set, overclocking,

2, and can also be displayed on the CPU L1 and L2 data (size, speed, technology), supports dual processor.

3, the current version has not only can detect the information of CPU, detection of CPU-Z including motherboards, memory and other information can also be competent

The software features:

CPU-Z can be detected with the following hardware information system:

A main board

The supplier, type and revision of the BIOS model and the date.

Chipset (Beiqiao and South) and sensors; graphical interface.


Frequency and time arrangement.

Module (s) specification using SPD (serial presence detect): supplier, serial number, chronograph.


The name and code of the core step and process.

Core voltage; internal and external clock, clock multiplier.

Support the instruction cache information.


The Windows and DirectX versions.

Update log:

1. new versions of Windows10 support;

2. new CPU benchmark;

3. increase the detection frequency of L4 cache (applicable to meet the requirements of the CPU);

4. new authentication mechanism; light load Xeon overclocking CPU mode!

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

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