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Software introduction

Software label: VB6.0 Visual

Visual Basic 6.0 Chinese version launched by Microsoft is a classic programming tools, development environment, development speed is quick, it is relatively easy to learn, this version is suitable for beginners to use, need friends to download it quickly!

Software introduction

Visual Basic 6.0 is one of the visual programming tool MSDN Microsoft in 1998, is currently the world's most widely used tools of program development. Has the advantages of simple structure, programming of system resources is very low, the programmer write a small program first Choice ! If you are one of absolutely ignorant of programming, and eager to have a quick and practical programming language for beginners, the choice of VB6.0.

 VB6.0 Enterprise Edition

VB6.0 Enterprise Edition advantage

Visual Basic (VB) is a kind of assistance development environment developed by Microsoft Corp including event driven programming language. From any standard, VB is the world's most widely used language, is not only the number of praise VB developers who still complain about the VB developers. It originated in the BASIC programming language. VB has a graphical user interface (GUI) and rapid application development (RAD) system, you can easily use the DAO, RDO, ADO connection data base , or easily create ActiveX controls. Programmers can quickly build an application to easily use VB components to provide the.

The characteristics of VB6.0

1, by the title bar, menu bar, toolbar, Hold-all And the form window, the project window attribute window form layout window.

2, there are many components, such as editor, designer, attribute development module.

3, also provides a window for direct editing, editing and preview window.

4, the toolbox consists of a pointer, picture frames, labels, text boxes, frames, command buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, list boxes, scroll bars, horizontal vertical scroll bar, timer, drive list box, directory list box, file list, shape control, straight line, image control, data control, OLE container.

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