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360 repair system vulnerabilities independent green version 360 bug fixes | software download 360 independent version of system bug fixes The score: 8

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Software introduction

360 vulnerabilities repair software is designed for computer system to create a security software, this software is mainly to help improve the user's computer security vulnerabilities, user maintenance, prevent virus intrusion and so on, users need to download it fast green resource network!

Introduction 360 vulnerabilities repair tool:

There are loopholes in the operating system, usually the use of Trojan virus, 360 bug fixes independent version, detection system vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities and automatically download the installation package automatically downloaded to the root directory C, C can be found in the open can be deleted after use.

 360 independent version of system bug fixes

360 software vulnerabilities repair function:

Automatic intercept fraud information page, regular cleaning of cookies, protection of Internet Security and privacy

Monitor file transfer security, site security fraud number, to ensure that documents and Internet Security

Real time blocking malicious Trojan program, to enhance defense capabilities, to protect the security of your system

To download the file and file the unknown risk, suggesting that run in the sandbox, greatly reducing the risk of file

The advantage of software:

The removal has nothing to do with the bug fixes things, streamlined menus, excess skin, all superfluous files, removal of the feedback button, set up extra menu, only for bug fixes and used to extract, green.

360 independent repair system vulnerabilities moderator files: 360leakfixer.exe

Software screenshot

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