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Software label: Premiere Adobe

Premiere Chinese CS6 patch Green Resources Network for you to collect the Chinese finished the program, Adobe version of Chinese developed their own deficiencies in terms of compatibility, install the patch can make the software run more stable, easier to use, need friends to download it quickly!

 Premiere CS6 finished patch

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 finished patch notes:

1. this is only for cultural component of the Windows version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 setup, Can not be used in other versions of Premiere (Premiere Pro CS5.5)! Please make sure that you have installed and activated without Crack Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 [original program officially released version number: 6.0.0 (319) finished before; upgrade Version: 6.0.1 (014); upgrade version: 6.0.2 (072) or 6.0.3 (001). Can be viewed in the About Adobe Premiere Pro "].

The 2. Chinese perfect AAF derived unit statement translation, the other slightly modified. The cultural default installation patch will only finished the basic components, to perfect Chinese, please pay attention to manually select the corresponding version: "Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.0) to improve the localization of components", "perfect Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.1) Hanization", or "complete component Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.2/6.0.3) component localization". The updated version of the finished perfect, must first update itself to the corresponding version can be implemented, otherwise the program cannot be started!

3. finished after the installation of all programs in the start menu, find the "Adobe" of the "Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Chinese version, uninstall and restore procedures, can be finished unloading.

Card list of official support 4. CS6 mercury engine (Windows version):

GeForce GTX 285

GeForce GTX 470

GeForce GTX 570

GeForce GTX 580

GeForce GT 650M (New 6.0.2)

GeForce GTX 680 (New 6.0.2)

Quadro CX

Quadro FX 3700M

Quadro FX 3800

Quadro FX 3800M

Quadro FX 4800

Quadro FX 5800

Quadro 2000

Quadro 2000D

Quadro 2000M

Quadro 3000M

Quadro 4000

Quadro 4000M

Quadro 5000

Quadro 5000M

Quadro 5010M

Quadro 6000

Tesla C2075

5. if you are the first use of the finished patch, please select the first option:

[preferences] initialization not choose this option, the user can keep on the previously defined part of the preferences parameters of preferences, such as interface brightness, audio equipment mapping etc.. But some local Chinese may not complete, such as color tag names will be displayed for English.

[pre] special initialization is not checked, can retain the custom effects preset, but there will be residual English, such as "Preset".

6. if this installation after use of the problem, please pay attention to the updated version, and welcome.

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