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I love the 163 registered mail machine v1.1 Green Edition 163 mail volume registration software download | I love 163 mailbox register The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Registered mail

I love 163 Mail registration machine Is a simple 163 mailbox batch registration machine tools, support automatic code operation, automatic switching IP, registered without limit, very awesome. Welcome to download the needs of the user experience in the green resources network.

I love 163 registered mail software introduction

I love 163 mail registration machine is a function. Beauty Email software, the software is a tool for automatic registration of NetEase registered 163 mailboxes, this tool has a number of powerful function, can automatically generate the input the user name, randomly generated password, the software is completely green and safety, ease of use, and automatically enter the other registration required need to manually enter the verification code, what are you waiting for, please try it! Think is not there a little excited!

 163 mail volume registration software download

Installation instructions

1. in the first 163 Love Green Resources Network Download mail registration machine

2. extract to get my love for 163 registered mail machine EXE file

3. double click to run, green non-toxic

Usage method:

The 1. prefix has been set to wapj, the password can be set.

2. enter the verification code, click automatic filling.

3. click on the page click on the registration (seems to be fine and easy module, can click the register button function, fine and easy module can realize VIP).

4. in that after successful registration, click save, email account will be saved in the same mailbox.Txt text directory, continue to register button I will not explain.

5. then set the agent (please allow write so simple 0, we will use it).

6. in the edit box to write on the proxy IP (, then click on the settings of IP can be repeated registration steps.

The expansion of knowledge:

163 Chinese mailbox is the largest e-mail service NetEase, classic, dedicated to provide users with safe, stable, fast and convenient e-mail service, currently has more than 230 million users, is the world's largest number of users Chinese mailbox.

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

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Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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