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Software introduction

More than 9158 video chat room Is a free KTV Video chat software Based on P2P technology, can also display ten free video chat room, users can in the chat room to sing Cara OK (KTV), listening to music, play games. More than 9158 video chat room can make you truly real-time face-to-face exchanges, is currently the most popular video entertainment platform to make friends on the internet.
Chat room added into the group key in the chat at the same time can join at any time, browsing room belongs to the group, the better interactive entertainment group and chat room. The chat room adds fresh props, and users to chat in the room for other users banned the use of props, to see the other side of IP, vibration screen, let chat more fun. New screen function, play in the chat when the chat room is more of a sieve, entertainment.

More than 9158 new video chat function:

New haven't learned? Sing not afraid of people joke? Have their own exclusive karaoke rooms, this is not a problem!
The wheat can be carried out before the sound debugging, no more after wheat ridicule into "slag sound"!
Advanced bomb
The crown of users is always superior, but also can counter attack of the grass root! A bomb in hand, I see the crown detour!
Audio effects
According to the different requirements of the audio effect, the audio performance of the enhanced performance of various modes. Sing and chat each have different feelings.
Grab wheat
A beautiful handsome host accepts envy in the wheat gaze? Counter attack! Grabbed the wheat, let oneself become the focus of the whole room!
Look at each other? Throw a bomb to go out of the room Ta! A small bomb, bomb bomb, infinite joy!
Streamline model
Full screen gift is squandering your eyes? The new streamlined room chat mode, the public chat information re groups retain user chat information and simplify the gifts of information, convenient for room management.
Screening agent
Increase the agency screening function in the user list, can filter out the official agents of all rooms, convenient for a variety of business, may reduce the user cheated.
Free to apply for real people
Friends don't trouble wheat on the freedom of speech? Add a personal park area, all above can apply to VIP purple area 100 free room, chatting to friends all.
Drifting horn
As a manager you have watched their own hair just horn was quickly brush off? Don't worry, drifting horn will help you send messages directly to your nearest game player who!
Song music
Increase the auxiliary function for private use VOD VOD Taiwan, not every time to confirm the number of singers trouble, gently a bit, complete and private use, the whole room special notice!
Application Center
Because there is no game to switch to the hall and miss the show? The application center after the show to play the game so! Can also see the activities and programs in advance oh!
Package system
Will continue to add more variety of props, so we added a variety of props used to store use package.
Do you enjoy the fresh.
Ta is now doing? What is the fun? What happened around? micro-blog All oh! Family, state and world affairs, and.. on the platform is the thing to understand!
Car system
Speed, passion, blood, this is a man's character, no woman can resist such a man. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Martha Lahti, Bugatti. Listen to their roar, you can Hold live?
Lottery flying
The artist's popularity, strength and power are indispensable! Do you like the Ta you have enough fans? Send a lot of lottery tickets to help Ta a "ticket" force!
Make friends with congenial persons High earthshaking! Crown users free access to the VIP experience, feelings and purple, friends together to play online KTV;

Update log:

1, increase the streamlined chat mode, the public chat information packet display.
Keep the user chat information as well as some gifts gifts, shielding effects, in order to facilitate the management of the room.
2, increase the agency special tool
You can view in giving details of the customer assistance, help the agency to better understand user needs room.
3, improve the winning tips show lucky gifts
Prompt box support free stretching height up to 6 lines, stretching.
4, increase the room size
The video size increased again, so did the fine room interface.
5, the list of users increase agent screening function
Can filter out the official agents of all rooms, convenient for a variety of business, may reduce the user cheated.
6, VIP with the new consumption level, consumption ranked according to user list
According to the system Statistics Users in the rolling 7 days (including the day) the amount of consumption, consumption to a certain amount of users, users in the room list Head portrait At the consumption level will display effect, and the users of different levels of consumption brings a different number of level effect, the highest level 3.
7, the consumption level, the amount of crown adjustedaccordingly rolling 7 day display
8, the room full of people VIP out of registered members and visitors function
A). For the object for all registered users and visitors platform users.
B). Registered users and visitors can be blue VIP (including VIP blue) above the level of the user out of the room full of people.
C). Blue VIP (containing blue VIP) above level of user can not be out of the room.
D). Out of the room users randomly kicked out of the room.
E). The standard has been full of people in the room number as the standard, as long as a room full of people, can be squeezed out.
9, purple VIP above can apply for free 30 rooms.
A (VIP). Purple purple VIP contains more than the user) can apply for free multi video room.
B). Purple VIP users apply for the room number is 30.
C). The validity of the room for the user to downgrade become red VIP, automatically recover room.
Valid room for users nearly 1 months time never landed across the room, the room automatically recover.
D).50 frog level users can apply for free room.
E). Each user can only apply for a room, this room is only used for personal entertainment.
The room is located below 9158ktv, the New Park District -- personal enjoyment.
F). For 5 minutes later, the room effect.

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