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Software introduction

Software label: Xmlspy Fillmore

The xmlspy2011 register can get xmlspy2011 and xmlspy2011 R2 two version of the registration code, the operation is very convenient, no longer need to go to Baidu for registration code, please use the following reference texts.

Use the xmlspy2011 method to register machine

1. download xmlspy2011

The 2. is disconnected from the network, run the downloaded XMLspy2011 R2 Chinese version of XMLSpyEnt2011_ZH.exe setup, after the completion of the installation program to open the desktop icon, registered Dialog box The following:

 Xmlspy2011 registered machine instructions

3. click the button "enter new keys", run the downloaded Fillmore keymaker.exe then at the same time, to get the user name, company name, registered code input to the dialog box, click OK, then the installation is complete.

 Xmlspy2011 registered machine instructions

4. from the official website to verify

Some people will use it with not a few days, this is because the networking software will connect the official server test software is genuine, shielding website on the line, as follows: #XMLspy #XMLspy #XMLspy #XMLspy * #XMLspy

Add to: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\ Etc \hosts file, can shield the xmlSpy network. (that is to use Notepad Open the host or hosts file, to paste a piece of code above into it)

 Xmlspy2011 registered machine instructions

Tips and suggestions

1, tips: Anti-virus software May the Fillmore report drug, because it involves solving the problem of copyright and so on, it was a normal phenomenon. Please download and use caution if concerned about.

2, before the installation of the best off the network, or the official website of the verification site shielding.

Note: some software such as Thunder May you modify the host file after the report is abnormal, please do not use the tool to restore the file, otherwise the phone will be cleared!

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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