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Navicat for MySQL v11.0.17 registered version of the green free Navicat Zhuceji download | Navicat for MySQL ri The score: 8

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Navicat ri Is Navicat for Mysql Support access tools, support the latest version of Navicat 11 English, a key to get serial number and activation files, supports 32 bit and 64 bit, welcome to download.

 Navicat for MySQL ri


1. install the original application.

2. using administrator privileges to run the registration procedures.

3. in the register machine Choice You have installed the Navicat program.

4. in the register machine click "patch" button and select the installed Navicat program executable patch.

(Note: if the Navicat program is running, you must first close)

5. in the register machine click "generate" button to generate a serial number and activation file (license_file), please keep the active file.

The use of 6. firewall Shielding Navicat program or disconnect the network connection.

7. run the Navicat program in activation Dialog box The sequence number in the input register machine generated. Then, please press the keyboard "Ctrl+Shift" key and using the mouse to click "activate" button, then displays an open file dialog box in the dialog box, please select the activation file stored in step 5, if everything is normal, the program will be successfully activated.

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