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Youku player version of the v7.6.4 version of the Android 2019 mobile phone Youku to download and install 2019| Youku 2019 player version of mobile phone The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Youku Video app

Youku The latest version of the 2019 video Is the official mobile phone client, watching videos, movies essential artifact! The massive video resources, ultra high-definition screen, the ultimate visual enjoyment; the latest movies, TV updates, allows you to watch. Quickly download experience!

Youku video mobile phone version introduction

Youku - film, television, animation, music, news, entertainment, massive HD video online watch and download Youku for Android mobile phone customized video entertainment client products, to provide a smooth and convenient client video playback experience for users.

 Youku Video app

Youku video features app

1. focuses on the whole network of quality content, providing movies, television dramas, variety, animation, entertainment and other massive high-definition video online watch

2. support video batch to the local cache, offline at any time to see

3. and three party support Youku account login, cloud video recording, multi screen synchronization at

4. support for users to upload video, subscription from the main channel, a collection of drama

5. AirPlay, Apple TV easily look cool

6. provide VIP service, enjoy the privilege of free advertising and 1080P HD video, blockbusters

Video content

Variety: The Ultimate Challenge 2, Mars intelligence agency, Jin Xingxiu, sister, RM, 2 Figure 2, we love it, the men's team, fun comedy figure, while we cross through it

Drama: good sir, ode to joy, little husband, Shanhaiching Because of love, happiness, want to fall in love with you, Nirvana in Fire, legend of Yun Zhifan, decryption, meat big drama in Youku

Overseas: the night manager, the vast space, cheese trap, school 2015, Oh I Venus, startling step by step: Li will be on the line

The recent hit

A smile is beautiful : the whole network independent broadcast, see Yang Yang Zheng Shuang Shi Shen Dong, comparable to double song CP Skin

Any attachment: annual super sweet SM Korean Jin Yubin, Suzy edge edge abuse love, only independent broadcast on Youku

Youth: the whole network independent broadcast, the high value of the ultimate open Youth Day Yan

Ice Fantasy : the whole network premiere, in ten years time, the magic you back

Legend of chusen Qingyun Chi: Joint broadcast only ten years, Zhu Xian, detonated summer

Ten sins: the whole network independent broadcast, suspense case quirky, thrilling blockbuster detection

Ultimate class 4: the whole network independent broadcast, ten year end, ten years of youth

Startling step by step: Li: synchronous Korea whole network independent broadcast will be on the line, IU fans through the SM Lee Jun-ki, Prince Su's meat group split the sky

Update log

V7.6.3 update:

1. fresh Center upgrade Dress more smooth and clean.

The 2. member new channel debut, quickly light your small crown

3. background audio playback function optimization

The 4. screen projection experience Optimization

5. cache play upgrade, not after you can watch

6. viewing history support filter Short video Record, more clearly

Developers: one network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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Second, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2018/6/8 19:01:01
I have been in use, very good

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The first floor Jiangsu Taizhou Taizhou College of Nanjing Normal University guest users Published: 2017/8/17 19:23:00
Watch the video have been using Youku, feeling too strong, especially the video resources are very rich, always find what I need

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