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Baidu antivirus Chinese full version of the official V2.1.0.3086 stable version Baidu antivirus software download | Baidu antivirus Chinese full version The score: 8

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Software label: Baidu Antivirus

Baidu Kabasiji Baidu antivirus 1.0Beta Chinese version of the official today, and began a Limited Download On trial . It seems that Baidu is the heart of iron to 360 in domestic Sike, but 360 will launch 360 Baidu search, has been released Baidu antivirus, Baidu, "the antivirus field of" search market "is not necessarily keep".

According to the official website of Baidu antivirus ( This is Baidu, Baidu antivirus and Kabasiji CO produced the new Anti-virus software At the same time, Baidu antivirus also set Baidu powerful cloud computing, massive data learning ability and professional ability of Kabasiji anti virus engine. But in the product introduction, Baidu antivirus also hit Kaba core, Baidu Cloud ", and promised: permanent free, do not harass users, the user does not stress, not peeping user privacy.

Baidu antivirus minimum configuration requirements:

More than CPU:1.4G

Memory: 512M

Hard disk: 500M above the disk space available

Network: more than 56 Kbps

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

Five experience optimization:

1. for the first time upgrade Increase the total virus download entrance

2. download, support for HTTP virus database update

An increase of 3. scanning The judge reminded the abnormal situation

4. lightning killing increase engine initialization tips

5. repair many flaws that could lead to a crash

Baidu antivirus version 1.8, smoother, more stable!

A comprehensive approach to improve the performance of soft kill, Baidu antivirus smoother and more stable!

A comprehensive upgrade of killing the engine, greatly reduce the scanning time, even death card repair, killing experience smoother.

Optimization of start and cancel the response speed of killing, killing more rapid response.

Optimization of the aurora engine performance, machine repair problems under special scenarios.

Initiative to enhance defense performance, enhance the discriminative ability, reduce false positives and false negatives; reduce the load on the system boot, improve system performance.

The collapse of the system, some special problems lead to repair scenarios

Repair Microsoft update, install Baidu antivirus again under the condition that the BSOD appears problem

Start the repair software, because the driver failed to stop the cause BSOD problem

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