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Quick use Apple Mobile assistant v3.0.0.6 official installation version Apple assistant official download Apple mobile assistant User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

Quick use Apple assistant Computer version It is an apple mobile application installation management tool running on the PC side. The biggest advantage of software is that it does not require jailbreaking to install all kinds of genuine applications and games. Download the experience as soon as possible!

Quick introduction with apple assistant

"Fast Apple assistant" is the brand product of Beijing leisurely World Limited company. It is the first PC supporting tool supporting apple IOS application in China. Because of its simple, safe, fast download and no jailbreak characteristics, it has set off an upsurge in the majority of fruit powder groups. Apple mobile users can install free licensed apps without the need to escape.

Quick use of Apple assistant features

1. it is easy to operate and does not need to register. No matter whether the cell phone is out of prison or not, it needs no connection. ITunes Download and install the apple game and software, complete with one key.

2. massive games and software are updated every day to keep up with the latest Apple fashion. Trend

3. safe and secure, can not be used directly without prison break, and no longer worry about all kinds of troubles caused by jailbreak.

4. the software is compact and efficient. Only 1.8M's installation package is completed instantly, and the system consumption is very low at the same time.

Quick use of Apple assistant function

1. brand new applications, game market, increased market levels, various forms of rich recommendation pages, help operators recommend applications and games, enabling users to quickly find the desired applications and games.

2. optimize search function, search the results page without backtracking to complete the two search, repair the previous two searches need to go back to the previous page experience B UG

3. all the new and old topics are displayed under the special column, and the front end is no longer restricted to only 9.

4. types of list items are added, 5 types of applications are added, and 4 types of lists are added to the game.

5. more concise device management Interface, photo management to increase time and photo sorting function.

6. access to the third party live broadcast platform, yo Honghu can directly watch live broadcast on the PC side.

Usage method

How to use Apple assistant to repair flash back?
If your application / game is flashing back, do not worry.
Method 1: flash back repair
1, connect the device to the computer and start the computer version quickly.
2, click [my device] - > flash recovery] - > start repair] 。 This process may take a long time. Please be patient.

 Apple assistant

If you can't recognize the device after connecting, please download and install. Apple drive package
If there is still a flashback, please continue to look at it.
Method two: deep repair
1, connect the device to the computer and start the computer version quickly.
2. [my device] Choice [deep restoration] Tab, then select the application that needs to be repaired.

 Apple assistant official download

If there is no APP to repair in the list of deep repair, please delete the application in download management and search, download and install again.

 Quickly use Apple <a href= iphone "Src=" http://pic.137844.xyz/upload/2015-10/2015102711091912600.jpg "/"

If you fail to repair at the time of repair, the error message is XXXXX (a series of numbers, letters).

 Apple assistant official download

Don't worry about this problem. Please try the following steps:
First, confirm that the network and device connection is normal.
Second, disconnect and restart the device, reconnect and try again.
Third, uninstall the reloaded client and restart the computer.

 Apple assistant computer version

Update log

V3.0.0.6 update content:

Some functions were optimized.

Software screenshots

Download address

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