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Tian Zheng electric 8.5 Chinese cracked version with registration machine Sky electric 8.5 version download Tian Zheng electric 8.5 Chinese cracked version User ratings: 8

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Tengen 8.5 cracked version It is a professional electrical software. 8.5 new functions have been added, such as materials. Statistics The bridge is dimensioning, three-dimensional bridge and so on, and has strengthened the original function. Its function is far beyond 8.2.. Download the experience of green resource network.

Sky electric 8.5 cracking version function


1. The function of module bridge design is optimized, and the bridge with partitions and channel attributes can be plotted. The parameters of the baffle can be easily set up. The bridge with partitions can be statistically annotated. When drawing multi-storey bridges at the same time, it supports multi-storey bridges while adjusting the elevation to generate vertical or inclined bridges.

2. Local lifting function supports multi-storey bridge while lifting or falling.

3, material statistics can count the number of three-dimensional hangers.

4, optimize the function of cable laying, adjust the laying rules, adjust the laying rules according to the designated channel number or the level of noise, so as to improve the accuracy of one-time laying.

5, [bridge to PL] function optimization, can turn complex multi-storey bridge diagram.

6, [arbitrary arrangement] increase rotation angle (arbitrary angle).

7. [open layer] support opening the last unified closing layer.

8, bridge statistics support statistics of the bridge with partitions.

9. [bridge tagging] supports annotation code and bridge with partitions.

10. [text along the line] input of text memory inserted along the lines.

11. The bridge and cable trench have characteristic tables on the CAD10 platform.

12, start the drawing program, and optimize the bridge cursor when it is marked (open object capture) and cross cursor is not smooth.

13. Ball rolling lightning rod can be grouped. Different groups of lightning rods (lines) do not produce joint protection area.

 Tian Zheng electric 8.5

New functions:

1. [3D bridge] module added: "bridge code", "code check" [new diaphragm] command, which can automatically code (KKS code) function for multi-storey bridge (automatic search for connected bridge) at the same time. [settings] - [industrial menu] - [3D bridge]

2. The new 3D support and hanger function in the three-dimensional bridge module: [drawing hanger], [drawing bracket], it can automatically draw three-dimensional scaffolds and three-dimensional hangers. Two dimensional legend can be customized, the support and hanger can be double edited, and multiple brackets can be generated for multi-storey bridges (with interval spacing less than set distance). Location: [settings] - [industrial menu] - [3D bridge]

3. [cable laying] new function [drawing PL] in the module can draw the PL line with the property of the bridge, and connect some non connected parts with this function. Location: [settings] - [industrial menu] - cable laying.

4. [cable laying] the new "identification floor", "display floor" and "hidden floor" order are added to the module to set up the floor mark for the laying project and to lay it on the floor. Location: [settings] - [industrial menu] - cable laying.

5. Rolling ball lightning arrester module adds the function of "ball method lightning conductor". The new order is as follows: [draw the lightning line], [change the lightning conductor], delete the lightning conductor, and move the single line, draw the lightning conductor, automatically calculate its joint protection scope, and check its three dimensional protection area. At the same time, it can edit, modify and mark the lightning conductor, and automatically update the joint protection scope of moving a lightning conductor. It provides the function of lightning protection and cutting, and can generate the profile of lightning rod (line) protection. Location: [settings] - [industrial menu] - [rolling ball lightning protection]

6. [cable laying] new function of channel check in module, which can check the PL (with channel attribute) converted to the bridge frame, can only display the PL of a single channel number, so as to conveniently check whether the PL is connected. Location: [settings] - [industrial menu] - cable laying.

7. The new component export function can export XML files from 3D objects, such as bridges and walls, and can be parsed outside of AUTOCAD.

8. Add the function of 3D cutting. Tian Zheng building The relevant components of water, heating and electricity are co sectioning and automatically generating profiles. Location: [document layout] - [3D cut].

9, the new download function can be downloaded via the Internet. On trial Version, including plug-ins and other related procedures. Location: help [resource download].

Tian Zheng electric 8.5 crack tutorial

First install the 8.5 trial version of the century electric company.

It should be noted that AutoCAD 2006 must be installed in the use of the 8.5.

Using the full range of register machines in the download package, 8 can be cracked.

Update log

V8.5 update content:

1. when the multi-layer bridge is tagged, it displays the overlapping BUG correction in the layout.

2. illumination calculation, the result can not be corrected continuously.

3. [arbitrary layout] the BUG correction of its gallery display frame outside the view.

26, line groove chamfering function BUG correction horizontal line problem is corrected.

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